Adhesives used to repair phones and iPads

Repairing small electronics such as smartphones or tablets are really requiring certain hands and good eyesight. But even all of that may not be enough if you do not know exactly how to handle tools and accessories. Adhesives are certainly one of such accessories. In this article, we will try to provide you with at least basic practical tips and information that are good to know before you start repairing your device.

Adhesives are an indispensable part of every mobile or tablet repair. They are most often used when attaching the display to a device. In some cases, however, it is necessary for the adhesive to hold together almost the entire device or several important joints. Its proper use is then even more important.

Use glue!

First of all, it is necessary to want to use adhesives at all. Although some less experienced technicians and semi-professionals may claim that double-sided tape is enough to stick the display, we certainly do not recommend it. Glue is definitely a more reliable and permanent way of connecting the display to the body of the device, and even with regard to the prices of these adhesives, we do not recommend underestimating their importance. You will also avoid the well-known "lifting", when the display, due to insufficient sticking, starts to move and "lift".

Clean before gluing

Applying glue or tape to the original bonding material is a guaranteed way to create a poor quality joint with a short life. Therefore, always first make sure that you have removed all traces of the original glue or tape. So how do you clean them?

For cleaning it is best to use a combination of: heat + pure alcohol (or WD-40). Apply it with a cotton swab or a soft cloth and carefully remove any adhesive residue.

Pay special attention to the adhesive strips on the batteries in iPhones - there are a number of OEM alternatives available, but not all of them meet the demands for flexibility. Therefore, choose only from verified dealers, ideally those who also repair these devices themselves.

Pay attention to the amount used

One of the advantages of double-sided tapes is easy handling. With glue, there is always a danger that you will use it too much during application and spoil the whole repair. Removing such an adhesive deposit is a very time consuming and demanding application. Our advice is therefore - first try to apply the glue several times "on dirt", thus outside the equipment being repaired.

Gluing glass on iPad

n this case, we recommend purchasing a replacement display that already has a double-sided tape pre-installed, which greatly simplifies its gluing and ensures a thorough connection.

Conclusion: tapes and adhesives have their specific advantages

A clear benefit of using adhesives in the repair of smartphones and tablets is the higher strength and durability of these joints. The adhesive adheres better to both joined parts and can be applied more thoroughly even in places where the handling of the tape is too difficult. This, in turn, provides a reliable bond over its entire surface, while adhesives can sometimes suffer from inconsistencies.

Getting to know the adhesives, choosing the right type and how to use it at all can be really challenging. So there is no need to hesitate and feel free to contact us with your questions. We will advise you which glue you really need, in what amount and also how to apply it correctly. If you do not dare to do such a repair yourself, there is nothing easier than handing over the device in the hands of our technicians, who will ensure a quick and reliable repair.

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