Application for Xiaomi scooters

Do you have an Xiaomi electric scooter at your home? If the answer is yes, we definitely recommend expanding the possibilities of its use. Of course, it is enough to have an electric trail for the ride itself. But if you do want to use its full potential, you need to install the Xiaomi Home application on your smartphone. Thanks to it, you will not only get new functions and gadgets, but you will also always have all the practical and important information about your scooter available.

How it is all working? Pairing the application with the electric scooter

First step is to download and install the application. Here is the approach:

  1. Log in with your email
  2. Click on the “+” button which you can find in the upper right corner
  3. Make sure you have bluetooth and the scooter turned on as well
  4. The application will then search for the device - click on it and the pairing should take place within a few seconds
  5. Fill in the desired name of your scooter and click on “Next”, then on “Let's get started”

First run

When you manage to run the application for the first time and pair it with your electric scooter, you need to watch an instructional video that will show you how to use the application.

The Xiaomi electric scooter will work without an application and you can ride it everywhere. So what do you get by installing it?

1)    Practical information about the battery and travel

By starting the application you will get to basic informations about scooter, for example what is the current speed, remaining battery capacity, average speed or distance traveled.  Additional information can also be displayed in the settings, including total distance traveled, estimated distance or battery temperature.

2)     Rear light and cruise control settings

If you are in the settings you can turn on or off two functions (you can get there with 3 dots in a circle - in the upper right corner).  The first function is cruise control thanks to which you can set to maintain a constant speed.  Hold the acceleration switch in the same position for about 3-5 seconds and then the scooter will maintain this speed on its own. Activating the function will sound an audible signal in the form of a short beep. To deactivate cruise control, simply press the switch or brake. The second function is to switch the permanent taillight on and off.

3)     Energy recovery settings

If you do want to recover energy while driving, the energy recovery function will help you with this.  By recuperating, you collect kinetic energy and thus charge the battery while driving.  To activate this feature, simply enable the acceleration switch.  In the application you can choose the intensity of recuperation - low, medium or high.  However, be aware that with a high level of recuperation, although the scooter collects more energy, it also slows down more significantly.

4)     Electric scooter locking

The lock, which is another feature of the application, allows you to increase the protection and security of your scooter.  This function is used to lock and disable the electric scooter.  Immediately after locking, the scooter, including acceleration and wheels, locks.  Use the lock icon at the bottom of the home screen to activate or deactivate the lock.

Remember that the lock is not permanent.  When the battery is completely discharged, the scooter automatically unlocks.

As you can see, the Smart home application offers really practical and very important functions, without which the use of the Xiaomi electric scooter would not always be so comfortable, simple or even safe.  

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