Back glass repair for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Back glass on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is very fragile and difficult to repair, so we will explain it in as much detail as possible in the following repair procedure.

Efficient and affordable

Warning: If you are not a professional, it is essential to use safety glasses and gloves.

As an example, we present a damaged back glass on the iPhone 8. First, we perform a functional test - touch function, 3D Touch, photography, etc. - everything works normally. Then place the phone face down. Heat the broken part with a heat gun at a temperature of 240 ° C. Meanwhile, we separate the back glass from the center frame with a scalpel.

When finished, remove the remnants of the damaged glass window with a brush and also thoroughly remove the remnants of glue from the center frame. As we can see, the new back glass does not fit the center frame at the rear camera. Using a mini electric grinder, cut the ring of the rear camera holder.

Tip: Keep the tool away from the rear camera while cutting.

When we have finished, we remove the rear camera holder ring with training pliers. We apply special glue to the back glass on the center frame, put on the back glass, and press it.
Then, using a sanding tool, polish the inner diameter of the rear camera holder ring, apply special glue around the rear camera, insert the ring in place and press it firmly with the correct force

Tip: Be careful not to damage or scratch the rear camera during repair.

Finally, we check the back glass to make it perfectly glued.

Now we can turn on the iPhone and test the functions of touch, 3D Touch, photography, and other functions - they still work normally.
Used tools:
•    mini electric grinder for renovating the iPhone 8 / 8P / back glass 
•    scalpel 
•    soft brush
•    Back glass for iPhone 8
•    hot air pistol

In a very similar way, the back glass is changed to the iPhone X / XS / XS Max. However, we will address this in the next article.

This procedure is much cheaper than having the glass changed at Apple Service.

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