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Category – Service tips and news for technicians

Service tips and news for technicians Feb. 14, 2022

Technical Interpretative Glossary: Image Technology of LCD Displays

LCD displays have been around for several decades, and they are currently at such a high level that they can match even more modern alternatives. But what does such an LCD consist of and what imaging technologies are used today? In the following lines we will explain the basic terms such as TN, IPS, PLS, or QLED. 

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Repair news for customers, Service tips and news for technicians, Spare parts Feb. 7, 2022

DIY MacBook battery: the service revolution we've been waiting for!

While in the last decade Apple developers have tried to make unauthorised services as difficult as possible, the situation is changing. The proof is in the MacBook Pro flashlight, which can be replaced by the average user. This is also a harbinger that in the near future we can expect big changes from this American giant in the field of services. 

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Repair news for customers, Service tips and news for technicians, Spare parts Jan. 10, 2022

Apple's service revolution: How will repairing an iPhone or MacBook change?

Apple has increasingly liberalised repair options in recent years. Until now, only authorised or approved independent service centres have been able to carry out repairs, but the number is growing. However, thanks to the new Right to Repair rules, starting early next year, anyone will be able to repair their device. 

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Spare parts, Service tips and news for technicians Dec. 13, 2021

Top 4 Apple iPhone repairs

Apple iPhone devices are characterized by their solid construction with attention to detail. However, as is customary with electronics, they do not avoid any malfunctions from time to time. Especially if they are exposed to higher loads during use.  Therefore, we bring you a brief overview of which faults you may encounter most often on the Apple iPhone, despite their above-standard quality.

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Service tips and news for technicians Nov. 12, 2021

iPhone 12 camera repair : iOS alert of non-original parts!

Replacing damaged genuine Apple parts with non-branded components is a common practice used by many service centers.  However, iOS 14 and later can cause problems in this regard. Namely, it has a built-in system that can detect a non-genuine camera and inform the user with an error message.

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