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DIY MacBook battery: the service revolution we've been waiting for!

While in the last decade Apple developers have tried to make unauthorised services as difficult as possible, the situation is changing. The proof is in the MacBook Pro flashlight, which can be replaced by the average user. This is also a harbinger that in the near future we can expect big changes from this American giant in the field of services. 

In our most recent article, we told you about a ground-breaking new feature Apple is introducing in 2022 - Self Service Repair, which involves making genuine spare parts and repair manuals available to unauthorised technicians. And the new MacBook Pro is a fine example of how the devices themselves are adapting to this new programme. 

What has the MacBook Pro battery replacement looked like so far? 

Since the introduction of the first Retina MacBook Pro in 2012, technicians have had more work to do when replacing the battery than many competing brands. Apple's policy has been clear: devices should only be repaired by branded service centres or authorised service centres. 

The MacBook Pro battery was therefore stuck in the laptop, which made it significantly more difficult to remove. Not to mention the overall complicated approach, which increased the risk of an inexperienced technician damaging something when attempting a DIY repair. 

DIY MacBook battery - every techie's dream! 

The new MacBook Pro has a redesigned design that makes it easier for less experienced technicians to access. With Self Service Repair, anyone can repair their device at home. Just buy genuine apple accessories and spare parts from the dedicated Apple e-store. Original service manuals will also be available.

Until this new feature is rolled out here, you can use the tutorials available on our website to perform repairs in the meantime. 

When you take the cover off the bottom of the device, you get a view you haven't seen in years: the MacBook Pro flashlight is instantly accessible, not hidden somewhere deep under the motherboard. It's not glued or held on with screws. On the contrary, you'll even find cut-outs that make it easy to slide it out of the holder. Replacement is really quick and easy. 

When does the MacBook 2021 battery need to be replaced?

Although modern lithium-ion MacBook Pro batteries are long-lasting (they should last 1,000 cycles), they gradually lose capacity with active use. It's easy to find out what condition your device's flashlight is in by checking the settings. Just click on "Battery" and "Battery Health". The current maximum capacity will be displayed, which makes it easy to assess whether a replacement is needed. 

In any case, a DIY MacBook Pro battery is a good sign that Apple is really serious about its Self Service Repair program. We can expect to see a similar trend in other new devices, whether it’s the iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

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