Do you know what PanzerGlass is?

In the field of screen protection of your mobile phone, nothing beats PanzerGlass.

PanzerGlass is the ultimate display protection. It is made from tempered Japanese Asahi glass of the highest quality, hardness and clearness. Unlike other screen protectors, which are chemically tempered, PanzerGlass screen protectors undergo a tempering process under 500 °C for 5 hours, which ensures exceptional firmness, resistance and shock resistance. Tempered screen protectors PanzerGlass are coated with a oleophobic layer, which prevents undesirable finger-print marks, and therefore always remains clean and clear. The rare side of the glass is coated with the best silicone nano- layer, which absorbs shock and in addition thanks to this, its installation is very fast and simple and allows the protection glass to be re-applied if applied imprecisely. Newest technologies and patented production guaranteed victory to PanzerGlass in the prestigious TÜV test, which proves the level of quality of their products that provide the best display protection for your smartphone.

PanzerGlass offers a variety of different screen protection glasses, from which you can chose. The easiest way to get hold of these protection glasses PanzerGlass, is to purchase them in FixServis, either on our e-shop or in any of our stores. You can choose one of three main groups of protection glasses; all can be purchased with at least 1 or 2 additional features.

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