FixPremium is coming!

You know it… You have your smartphone in your pocket, lean forward and there it is. A spider web through the display.

These are the moments when you just wonder; “why have I not bought the protection glass long time ago”. Well, it’s too late for that.

Your next steps lead on to Google and after a while of Googling you find out, that you have two options. Either a high quality, but very expensive original, or a cheap Chinese copy. If you continue Googling, you find out that these Chinese copies use cheap LCD display panels and their colors are not even close to the one of the original. However, there is also a third option now! We introduce you our own brand, FixPremium. FixPremium is synonymous with top quality. It only defines PREMIUM products with LIFETIME warranty. The price is so attractive, that it is irresistible. The Japanese LCD SHARP, which is used, has no difficulty to match the original. You can get this display replaced at any of our FixServis branches. Or you may choose another option, as we offer also tools, with all the required tools for a replacement at home. Our video tutorials, that FixServis prepared for you, will assist you with it. 


FixPremium LCD Repair KIT

Japanese quality SHARP display panel

Individual parts of the LCD set (touchscreen, LCD display) used in FixPremium products are from the premium Japanese manufacturer – SHARP Electronics. We offer a lifetime warranty for all products labeled as Fix Premium, which we can afford for their minimal faultiness and extraordinary quality. Japanese manufacturer SHARP Electronics is one of the suppliers for Apple. Apple collaborates with over 200 companies to produce the hardware for its phone (Apple iPhone). For example, the LCD display is being developed and manufactured for Apple, currently by 4 companies – SHARP, LG, Toshiba and Samsung. Apple only develops the software and design for its mobile phones.

Individual parts of the LCD set

  1. Cover Glass
  2. Top Polarizing Filter – The top part is composed of a Polarizing Filter with a horizontal axis to polarize light as it exits. 
  3. Top glass substrate – Special glass substrate with ITO electrodes used in the production of color filters
  4. Color Filter – The color filter creates display image colors on the LCD display. It consists of red, green and blue pigment
  5. Liquid Crystal – Liquid crystals change the orientation under applied electric pole and thus can block or transmit light
  6. Touch Sensor – Sensors in cells use existing layers to create a touch sensor matrix
  7. 3D Capacity Sensor – Sensors in cells use existing display layers to create a 3D sensor capacity matrix sensor. Thin Film Transitory: TFT are micro-switch transistors, that are arranged in the matrix on a glass substrate
  8. A layer of thin transistors TFT – are micro-switch transistors, that are arranged in the matrix on the glass substrate to control each image pixel
  9. Bottom Glass Substrate – Special glass substrate with ITO electrodes used in the manufacturing process of the thin film transistor (TFT)
  10. Bottom Polarizing Filter – The bottom part is made out of the Polarization filter with a horizontal axis for vertical polarization of light at its entry
  11. Backlight – Liquid crystals do not create their own light, therefore other means of providing light are necessary to display screen. FixPremium uses a light source which is located on the side of the screen. 

Saves not only money, but also battery. 

You may be aware, that most of the battery is used by the display. But you probably didn’t know, that Chinese copies “eat” more energy than originals. There is no need to be worried about this with FixPremium displays. These displays “eat” even less than the originals. This is ensured by the 3D In-Cell Touch Technology, which makes the display much less energetically demanding. 


Hydrophobicity has not been forgotten either

FixPremium displays are as hydrophobic as the originals. 




FixPremium displays will not be embarrassed even when it comes to backlight 

Unlike cheap imitations, FixPremium has the same quality backlight as the original. Without dark edges and with a bright white.

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