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Great overview of accessories for Samsung Galaxy S10

Technology is moving faster than ever. This is no different with the Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10 +.

This smartphone has technologies that, for example, do not allow the use of ordinary protective glass. That's why we bring you this overview so that you can protect your new phone as best you can and make it as easy as possible for you to use.

Protective glass

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 + have a fingerprint reader built into the display. This reader works on the principle of reading using ultrasound. However, with the new technology came the first shortcomings. With the very first protective glasses, it turned out that this glass reader did not work. Some manufacturers have even resorted to a hole in the glass for the reader to work.

PanzerGlass - tempered glass

The PanzerGlass comes with a glass that allows the reader to be used and is indistinguishable from ordinary glass. PanzerGlass - protective tempered glass of the renowned Danish brand PanzerGlass is the ultimate display protection. It is made of tempered Japanese Asahi glass of the highest quality, hardness, and transparency. Unlike conventional chemically hardened glasses, PanzerGlass is hardened by fair tempering at 500 ° C for 5 hours, which guarantees exceptional hardness, durability, and impact resistance. PanzerGlass toughened glass has a special oleophobic layer that prevents unwanted fingerprints, leaving it always clean and transparent.


Protective cases

Once we have protected the glass of our S10, we cannot forget to cover its back as well. Protective covers can be divided into several groups. Thin, ordinary, durable, and in book shape. So, we bring you an overview of the best.


If you want to protect your phone, but you don't want an unnecessarily thick case, but on the contrary, you are looking for something elegant and simple, Slim cases are just for you.

SBS - Polo

The Polo case with a simple stylish design from the premium SBS brand sufficiently protects the mobile device from minor bumps and scratches. It is made of flexible TPU, which makes the curves of the phone stand out and enhances it with bright colors. Thanks to the well-processed material, it is very pleasant to the touch. This case is made in elegant black, dark blue, but also a distinctive red.

SBS - Skinny

First, we will show you a case from SBS. Skinny SBS is a case made of soft but durable silicone, which perfectly protects your device against scratches and bumps with a minimalist design. Skinny is an ultra-thin case designed to protect your device without increasing its thickness and weight.

Ordinary cases

If you don't care so much about the look, but about the durability of the case and the protection it offers, then the following cases are just for you.

Spigen - Rugged Armor

Spigen Rugged Armor impresses mainly with its robust appearance, which perfectly protects your smartphone. The case is made of high-quality TPU, which gives the case flexibility and precisely encircles the curves of the smartphone. Protects the back and sides from damage, dirt, and dust. Precise cutouts for all connections ensure easy access to the device's controls. The raised edges of the case by 1.3 mm guarantee the protection of the display when the device is placed with the display facing downwards.

Spigen - Ultra Hybrid Case

The case is made of two durable materials. Made of polycarbonate, which protects against external factors, especially scratches, and thermoplastic polyurethane, which effectively dampens the impact force. Air Cushion Technology® is a technology that gives the case the properties of an air cushion, absorbs the force of the impact, and thus protects the vulnerable edges of the device. All resistance is verified by military certificate MIL-STD-810. Also, the device buttons are protected by a rubber cover. The Spigen - Ultra Hybrid Case housing is designed so that it does not add to the thickness or weight of the device. The edge of the cover is slightly raised (0.8 mm).

PanzerGlass – ClearCase

PanzerGlass is the best in the field of protective glass. And not only the front but also the rear. However, these glasses do not protect the smartphone from the sides, and that is why they decided to make a protective frame of soft TPU plastic on the rear protective glass, and so the PanzerGlass Clear Case was created.

Cases with increased durability

If you like sports, you are often outside, you go camping or work in difficult conditions, you will definitely appreciate the cases with increased durability. There aren't many such cases, but you don't even need them. UAG Pathfinder clearly reigns supreme in this category.

UAG Pathfinder

UAG Pathfinder is a highly durable case with an original design that protects your device from damage in the event of a fall. The case has undergone and met the military impact standards MIL STD 810G 516.6 and is, therefore, one of the most durable protective cases on the market. Its patented composite construction consists of an outer hard shell and an inner soft plastic. It is designed so that its reinforced edges effectively absorb the force of the impact when the device falls on a hard surface. The case protrudes slightly along the edges, thus protecting the vulnerable display. In addition, it is compatible with wireless charging and does not restrict the use of a smartphone when synchronizing, charging, or listening to music.

Book, flip Cases 

We are closing this category with the category of book shape cases. In this category, we recommend the SBS - Book Sense case.

SBS - Book Sense

The book shape case with the stand function of the premium SBS Mobile brand is made of high-quality and durable eco-leather with a sophisticated Italian design and texture. The case is very thin and light, so it protects the device with minimal increase in size and weight. The phone is easy to insert into the case thanks to the inner back cover, which is made of soft but durable silicone. The use of this material guarantees extra resistance to impacts and scratches. Besides, it has compartments for business cards and payment cards, as well as a window for trouble-free use of the camera. The BOOK SENSE case has an ingeniously designed back that can be folded and used in an instant as a practical stand. This allows you to comfortably watch videos and movies, browse the Internet, or photos on your device. The ergonomic design of the case allows easy access to all ports and controls of the mobile phone. The inside of the case is made of fine-brushed eco-leather for maximum protection of the display from scratches. It closes with a magnetic closure, which easily and reliably protects it from unintentional opening. The BOOK SENSE case from SBS Mobile is intended for lovers of an elegant, yet highly functional design.


In addition to protecting your phone, you may need other accessories, and we've looked at that.


If you have ever owned a Samsung device, you know that the quality of the included cables is not at the level you would expect from a phone in this price range. This is not the case with S10e, S10, and S10 +.

OtterBox - Highly durable USB-C cable

If you want a proper and high-quality cable that will withstand something, we recommend looking at OtterBox cables. High-end USB is high-quality and almost indestructible. The Otterbox manufacturer subjects each of its devices to stress tests and makes no exceptions for cables. The cable has been subjected to tens of thousands of tensions and will hold a weight of up to 45 kg. From its features, you will appreciate its robustness and long life. Its metal ends are made of anodized aluminum for strong durability and long life. Furthermore, the cable is made of durable plastic and strong nylon.

Charging adapter

A proper adapter is also needed for a proper cable. For many people, a charger is not important. Well, that's not quite the case. In the past, when the Nokia 3310 reigned in the world, chargers commonly supplied the phone with 0.2A. Such a charger would not keep even today's low-end models alive. Not yet a giant like S10. Although it is not visible at all, chargers have experienced great innovations in recent years.

SBS - Travel adapter

This adapter supports fast charging technology. Specifically, in the Quick Charge 3.0 standard. The charger is certified and approved by Qualcomm. This technology allows up to 75% faster charging than conventional USB chargers. Its maximum power is 30W.

Wireless charger

One of BuzzWord's nowadays is the word wireless. And of course, this trend must not be missing in the Galaxy S10 either. This is, of course, wireless charging. And we've found one wireless charger for you.

SBS - Wireless charger with fast charging and QI

The wireless charging station of the premium SBS brand is a great device for everyone who wants to take full advantage of the features of their smartphone. The device is elegant, compact, and made of quality materials. Thanks to the elegance and compact dimensions of the device, it does save space on the table and is easily portable. Qi technology guarantees comfortable charging without the need to use a charging cable, and thanks to its higher speed, it is almost close to the performance. The charging station is compatible with all Qi / PMA devices and is easy and intuitive to use. Just attach your smartphone to the wireless station.

Power bank

It happens to all of us. The battery will discharge at the most inopportune time. But what to do if there is no electrical outlet anywhere around? In that case, the power bank will come in more than handy.

SBS - PowerBank 2500 mAh

Very small power bank with a 2500mAh source. Although this power bank will not keep your phone alive for a very long time, it is enough for one or two calls. Its biggest advantage is its size. You can have it with you at all times and you won't even know about it, so in an emergency, it can be priceless.

SBS - PowerBank 10 000 mAh

This power bank, on the other hand, charges your Galaxy S10 up to 2 times. But its dimensions are, say, a little larger. It shows the current capacity on the built-in LCD display and can charge up to 3A with current via its 2 USB ports. It also has an iC function, ie intelligent charging, thanks to which your device will be charged in the most convenient and fastest way without damaging its battery.

Car charger

It's no secret that modern smartphones don't last long on a single charge. And we often need to charge them in the car. There are 2 options. You can use either a standard charger or a wireless charger in the car.

SBS – Car Charging Kit

Powerful car charging kit of the premium SBS Mobile brand with two USB ports. This set consists of a car adapter with 2 USB 2.1 A ports for fast charging of two devices simultaneously and a data cable with a USB and USB-C connector. This will allow you not only to quickly and easily charge but also to synchronize and back up data. The charging set is shock-resistant and has built-in short-circuit protection. The product meets all legal and safety standards for the Slovak Republic.

SBS HOLDER with wireless charging

The advantage of this holder is that as the only one of our selection, it can be attached to the glass, it is also possible to attach it to the dashboard. It is designed for smartphones up to 6 "that support QI technology. Its use is very simple - just insert the smartphone between its shoulders and click, and thanks to the 5 W power supply, your smartphone can charge to 25% in just 30 minutes.

SBS CAR HOLDER with automatic closing and wireless charging

This car holder is characterized by an automatic opening and closing system, so you don't have to waste time attaching your smartphone.

It is equipped with a sensor that automatically opens the arms of the holder so that you can easily insert your phone and then the arms close automatically. To select the smartphone, simply place your finger on the next sensor, which will ensure the immediate opening of the arms. 10 W charging with support for fast charging, uses QI technology. To be able to charge your smartphone wirelessly at the same time, plug the USB type C into the holder and the 12/24 V socket of your car. To use the fast charge function, you need to use a cable that supports fast charging.

SBS CAR HOLDER with GPS and wireless charging

This holder is a multifunctional universal, all-in-one helper for every journey by car. Its biggest advantage is the parking locator function via the Go Tracker application, which you can download for free from the App Store or Google Play. You park your car and register its location in the application, so you no longer have to look for the place where you parked on the way from the cinema or theater. Just grab your phone to see the exact position of your car.

In the car, it is attached to the ventilation hole with a practical clip, thanks to which you can see exactly who is calling you or where to go if you use navigation, even while driving. It has a simple closure, which means that you simply place your smartphone on the lower arm, and then the side arms under its weight will close, thus preventing your phone from falling or slipping.

It also supports fast and secure wireless charging, using QI technology. It is necessary to connect it to the car with the enclosed micro USB cable, if you want to use the fast charging function, you need to use a cable that supports it (not included in the package). Besides, it uses ADS (Automatic Detection System) technology, which allows you to recognize the power needs of your smartphone and thus ensure the correct level of charging to prevent it from overheating. Thanks to this innovative system, you can, among other things, charge, for example, the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and 8 Plus, which require a 7.5 W power supply.


There is a huge number of accessories for each device that you can choose from. We believe that this article has helped you choose the right accessories for your new device. You can find these and many more in stores and also in our e-shop

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