Hold on, we are CHARGING!

We have known wireless charging for more than 100 years, but it was not until the beginning of the 21st century that it breathed new life into it. So why not wireless charging in the car too?

As early as the end of the 19th century, Nikola Tesla proved the magnetic resonance coupling - by creating a magnetic field between two circuits, a transmitter, and a receiver, the ability to transmit electrical energy through the air. Today, several wireless charging technologies are used, with the intention of "cutting cables" to many devices (from smartphones and laptops to kitchen appliances and cars) and thus bring increased mobility and huge progress.

You get in the car, turn on the music on your smartphone, or start the navigation and just watch how the battery drains quickly. You don't always have the opportunity to look for a cable and plug it in to charge your battery, especially when you're concentrating on traffic in the morning rush hour and you're already thinking of a story in your mind about why you're late for a meeting ...

We present you with 3 car holders with built-in wireless charging, which will make the time spent in your vehicle easier and more pleasant. Simply insert your smartphone into the holder, set the GPS, or turn on Spotify and your battery will charge at the same time.

SBS HOLDER with wireless charging

The advantage of this holder is that as the only one of our selection, it can be attached to the glass, it is also possible to attach it to the dashboard. It is designed for smartphones up to 6 "that support QI technology.
Its use is very simple - just insert the smartphone between its shoulders and click it, and thanks to the 5 W power supply, your smartphone can charge to 25% in just 30 minutes.

SBS CAR HOLDER with automatic closing and wireless charging

This car holder is characterized by an automatic opening and closing system, so you don't have to waste time attaching your smartphone.

It is equipped with a sensor that automatically opens the arms of the holder so that you can easily insert your phone and then the arms close automatically. To select the smartphone, simply place your finger on the next sensor, which will ensure the immediate opening of the arms.

10 W charging with support for fast charging, uses QI technology. To be able to charge your smartphone wirelessly at the same time, plug the USB type C into the holder and the 12/24 V socket of your car. To use the fast charge function, you need to use a cable that supports fast charging.

Cars are the place where various "extra" cables can mislead. Wireless chargers are also equipped with fast charging, similar to wired ones. Charging in the car thus becomes highly efficient and fast, without problems with cables, so the solution of these holders is extremely convenient.

Your smartphone may overheat in this way if you have it in your case, so it is recommended that you put your smartphone in a holder without a protective case. All you have to do is choose your car holder with wireless charging, so you can be sure that GPS will never "run out" of your battery again.

You can hold on even if your phone does not support wireless charging! Be sure to check out our wide range of non-rechargeable holders.

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