How to avoid complications with flex cable?

Does the flex cable worry you? We will advise you on how to avoid damaging it.

What is flex cable?

Flex cable, also referred to as FFC (Flat flexible cable) is an extremely important and inseparable part of every smartphone or tablet, for example. Although the possibilities of its use are much wider, in mobiles the flex cable is used primarily to connect the motherboard to the LCD display.

Why is flex cable prone to be damaged?

Flex cable, as its name suggests, is a very flexible flat component, made to connect two parts of the device, in a very limited space. Probably the best example is modern smartphones. In an effort to create the thinnest possible devices, manufacturers have been forced to come up with a solution that can reliably transfer data from the display to the motherboard (and vice versa) without requiring too much space. Thanks to its construction and flexibility, the flex cable can really do it, but the tax on its capabilities is its increased susceptibility to various types of damage.

How to find out if flex cable is damaged?

The best indication that the flex cable has been damaged is a malfunction of the display or its accidental outages. Such a device is, of course, unusable. It is therefore very important to take the utmost care in any operation that involves opening the device.

Most common causes of damaged flex cable

As experts and professionals with many years of experience in repairing mobile devices, we know how easily a flex cable can be damaged. Therefore, if you do not want to waste money on spare parts and components, we recommend avoiding the following mistakes when repairing the flex cable.

  1. Improper placement of the flex cable in the device
  2. Improper handling of the flex cable
  3. Damage due to pinching / pressure on the cable
  4. Using the wrong tools
  5. Contact of the flex cable with the adhesive

The most common reasons why a flex cable is damaged are improper storage of this component and the use of incorrect tools. For correct and safe handling, we recommend that you always use the professional tools provided and you should definitely avoid using metal tools. Flex cables can very easily damage and disable the entire display and device.

Poor handling, in turn, is closely related to the finalization of the repair. Let's say you've successfully replaced the display, connected it to the motherboard via a flex cable, and you want to reconnect the device. However, it is often at this point that the cable is often damaged, as you choose the wrong location when storing it and the cable breaks or is otherwise damaged when the device is closed. Therefore, if you lack experience with such a repair, we recommend that you take a picture of the open device first, so that you are going to have a simple guide on how to store the cable again after replacement.

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Spare parts Feb. 15, 2021

How to avoid complications with flex cable?

Does the flex cable worry you? We will advise you on how to avoid damaging it.

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