How to clean Playstation 4?

The Playstation 4 (and Playstation 4 PRO), abbreviated PS4, is one of the most popular game consoles of all time.  Even after the arrival of the PS5, this model is still very popular among its owners, and it will probably be so for at least a few more years. In order to bring you the pleasure of playing games for as long as possible, it does not hurt to pay a little attention from time to time.  What do we mean by that?

Playstation, like any conventional electronics, is prone to various damage or gradual wear.  To avoid this, there are a few important factors to keep in mind.

Do you have your Playstation on a suitable spot?

A several conditions should be met if you do have your game console on a suitable location. It should be an overall dry and clean environment, without significant dusting.  At the same time, the Playstation should be located in a spot where it will have enough space for good ventilation and therefore cooling.  Therefore, we certainly do not recommend placing it in tight shelves or placing other objects on it or next to it, which could limit the fan's ability to cool the entire device.

Cleaning of Playstation

Even if you do have the Playstation stored properly and the room has good conditions (for example it is not outdoors or exposed to excessive humidity, etc.), you should still clean your device regularly.  This will prevent a reduction in performance, or other, in extreme cases, permanent damage to the entire console.  The reduction in power due to overheating will be reflected in increased noise and, in the extreme case, the so-called  red line of death.  Its name may be scary, but fortunately its existence is much less so.  If this line appears, just turn off the device and leave it alone for a few hours.

These problems can occur especially if dust accumulates in the machine and is not cleaned regularly.

What do we mean by "regular"?  We recommend cleaning the console at least every year, but ideally every six months.  Don't worry, cleaning is not complicated or time-consuming – to show you it all, we are going to show you the exact approach. 

  1. We recommend 2 tools for cleaning - compressed air in a spray and a clean microfiber cloth.  Once you have the tools ready, you can start cleaning.
  2. We must first uncover the fan.  This is achieved by removing the top cover of the PS.  You don't have to worry about more resistance or possible sound when you separate the cover from the rest of the console - you won't lose your warranty or damage your device.  It is ready for such an "action".
  3. When the cover is removed, you can use air spray (holding it straight, upright) to remove any accumulated dust from the fan or other parts (except the disc drive).  Read the operating instructions before using the spray.  You do not need a microfiber cloth at this stage - it is only used to clean the outside of the appliance.
  4. When the dust is removed, wait until all the moisture has disappeared, and then you can put the cover back on the console and wipe the dust from the outside.
  5. In the last step, we recommend cleaning the controls, also with compressed air.  Focus on all the buttons and the space around them.

As we already mentioned, you should maintain your Playstation 4 at least every six months.  This will prevent the potential for major problems that could occur with the device overheating.

If this case happens, we certainly do not recommend trying to fix the PS4 yourself, especially if you do not have previous experience or the necessary equipment.  

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