How to find, if the iPhone you are buying is repased?

Do you know what are you buying? We will help you verify, in what condition is the iPhone so you won’t buy something you didn’t wanted.

Repased iPhone means, that it was already used in the past. For the purpose of selling the device again, the battery has been changed, external construction (mailbox), in which all other parts are placed was changed as well. The device has been updated as well and thoroughly cleaned.

Each repased iPhone should also be offered with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. However, more often you will encounter a 90-day warranty.

The main advantage of a repased device is its significantly lower price. For that, you get an almost brand new device that can serve you for many years to come. However, it is important to beware of various fraudsters, who also consider ordinary, used models to be repased devices, which have not been repased in any way or officially.

Care must also be taken with officially repased device that may carry various mechanical or software defects. Therefore, thoroughly consider whether the defect will not interfere too much with you over time.

To find out if it’s Refurbished, thus repased iPhone, you have to look through settings in your device.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on General
  3. Click on Information
  4. Find file Number of model
  5. On the right side you should see something like this:

If something else is showing you, click on ,,Number of model” – you should see the number similar to the one on the picture.

If number of model begins with ,,M”, the device is new.

What other letters means, though?

  • „F“ means that device was repased.
  • „N“ means that it is a replacement device that is repased and given to the owner as a replacement for his original iPhone.
  • „P“ means that there is a personalized mark on the body of the device.

Where to buy repased iPhone?

You can find repased iPhones at different vendors, almost all the time to a lot of categories, from A+ up to D+. They differ in the degree of wear that is more or less visible on the body of the device.

If you are looking for a reliable, powerful and at the same time affordable device, we have great news for you. You can already find repased iPhones in our e-shop and by purchasing them you will get a really high value, including:

  • Equipment warranty for up to 1 year
  • Discounts on a new battery
  • Assurance that the purchased equipment is in really top condition
  • In order to continue to find only top quality with us, we have decided to offer equipment in categories A +, A, B.

How to recognize individual classes?

If you decide to buy from us, you will be sure that we will only offer you equipment in top condition, with minimal signs of use. Each iPhone from our offer has a battery with at least 85% capacity, an original or FixPremium display and the package comes with a Lightning cable. In addition, all devices have been inspected by our technician and are therefore 100% functional. You will only find differences in the signs of wear on the body of the device.

The iPhone in the A + category is in perfect visual condition, with almost no, maximum with only capillary abrasions and micro-scratches. Such devices will satisfy even those who have really high demands on their mobile phone. 

Category A devices have small abrasions and mini scratches, and medium-sized scratches may occur. Such a device is nevertheless in excellent condition, even visually. In our opinion, such an iPhone represents the golden mean with the best condition/price ratio.

In category B, you will find iPhones whose color may be slightly faded and may also contain small to medium scratches. An ideal choice for those looking for equipment at the best price.

By buying repased iPhone you are getting even more

If you decide to buy a repased iPhone, you will save nature from additional electrical waste. You will not burden nature or your wallet. Thanks to the purchase of equipment from us, you can also save up to 35%! Compared to officially repased equipment, where the savings are only approx. 8-10%, so you save much more significantly. 

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