How to find out if a flex cable meets OEM quality?

Since 2007, when Apple introduced its first iPhone, the device has attracted the attention not only of hundreds of millions of customers, but also of many manufacturers of accessories and spare parts. On the market you will find not only cases from hundreds of different manufacturers, but also spare displays, batteries and other components. However, this diversity is reflected not only in the different brands of the components, but also in the different quality

While the so-called OEM parts provide first-class quality, aftermarket pieces may look believable, but without the necessary experience you can come across a piece that lags significantly behind the original part in terms of quality. Although this compensates for the lower price, such savings are not always beneficial and effective.

The most common service action that we are solving in FixShop in our Slovakia service department for devices is the repair of the iPhone display. However, the successful replacement of the LCD display on the iPhone depends not only on the experience and skills of our technicians, but also on the quality of spare parts. Today we will therefore advise you 4 tips on how to verify whether a given Flex cable is really an OEM or just an aftermarket.

Why Flex cable?

Because this component can often be found in displays that look like OEM spare parts, but for the lowest possible cost, manufacturers also use aftermarket components. Such LCD displays can then cause problems for their owners, for example in the form of so-called ghost touch and therefore unwanted touches and squeezes.

Make sure there is a QR code on the back of the flex cable.

If it is an original part, you will really find the QR code there.

The LCD connector should have a special code

As you can see in the picture, OEM flex cables have a code in the middle of the LCD connector that is specific to the piece.

The marking of the original part is usually distinctive and large

Apple marks its components so that they are clearly and clearly visible. If this is not the case, it is probably not an OEM part. 

The original flex cable is always flexible and soft

In contrast, aftermarket pieces are usually significantly less flexible and harder. 

When it comes to flex cables, we definitely do not recommend saving. The selection of a poor quality  piece will show very quickly and in addition to the so-called ghost touch may also completely disable the display. We therefore recommend selecting spare parts for replacing the LCD display on the  iPhone, for example, in our e-shop, where you will always find quality spare parts from verified manufacturers

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