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How to Repair a Vacuum Cleaner on Your Own? Vacuum Cleaner Spare Parts You May Need

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most important household appliances. It naturally wears out as it works, and sooner or later it will demand your attention. Fortunately, most vacuum cleaner repairs are really simple and you can do them at home. How to fix some common faults and which vacuum cleaner spare parts will you need to do it? 

If there is something wrong with your vacuum cleaner, it will usually let you know very quickly. For example, you may notice that it has a weaker pull or a burning smell. Many faults also manifest themselves in increased motor noise. If you notice any strange manifestations, turn off the vacuum cleaner and look for the cause. 

Full tray 

A common cause of problems is a full vacuum cleaner cartridge. This often causes a loss of power or odor. The solution is simple - either throw out the old bag and replace it with a new one, or clean the tray if your vacuum cleaner is not equipped with replaceable bags. 

Clogged dust filter 

Vacuum cleaners are equipped with dust filters that clean the air of unwanted particles. These filters naturally become clogged, preventing proper airflow and thus limiting performance or causing odors. The solution is to buy a new vacuum cleaner air filter or Hepa filter for your vacuum cleaner. Replacing it is usually quick and easy. The procedure is normally described in the equipment manual. 

Non-passable nozzle or rod 

When vacuuming, objects can get into the wand or nozzle and clog it. This often results in weaker suction, increased noise, and the possibility of a motor overheating. Try to light up the inside of the rod, hose, or nozzle, and look for obstructing objects.

Damaged vacuum cleaner attachment 

This problem can occur not only in large handheld vacuums but also in small robotic versions. They have several attachments on the underside that pick up dirt from the floor. If they are old and damaged, they may not work optimally. In this case, it is best to buy a new vacuum cleaner attachment. Replacing it is easy. 

Problem with cabling

If you handle the vacuum cleaner roughly and if to stop it you pull on the power cord, you risk damaging the electrical contacts. In this case, you may find that the vacuum cleaner cannot be started, or that it sometimes turns itself off while working. Many times, this problem cannot be fixed at home, and it is better to leave the equipment in the hands of professionals. 

Air leaks from the hose 

Insufficient vacuum cleaner suction can cause air leaks from the nozzle, hose, or individual seals. Check thoroughly if the flexible hose is leaking air or if the air is leaking through any seals. If you notice any leaks, you can temporarily eliminate them with, for example, high-quality adhesive tape. In the long term, however, it is better to look for replacement vacuum cleaner accessories and replace damaged parts with new ones. 

Where to get spare parts for vacuum cleaners? 

Whether it's a spare rod, an attachment, an air filter, or any other needed part, you can easily get them online today. Just visit our e-shop where you will find quality vacuum cleaner spare parts. And not only for manual vacuum cleaners, but also for robotic ones. Thanks to these accessories, you can easily repair your equipment at home to keep it working for you for a long time.

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