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How to take care of an electric scooter so that it can last a long time without problems?

Electric scooters are very popular all over the world. Their benefit is their simple construction, which also results in excellent reliability. However, they are not immortal. In order to last a long time without problems, they must receive regular maintenance. What does this involve?

With neglected care, an electric scooter wears out faster. As a result, you're more likely to face higher service expenses, but more importantly, there's a major risk when riding it. Failure of some components can result in a fall and serious injury. That's why regular maintenance is not to be underestimated. Which specific parts need attention?

Defect on an electric scooter

If your scooter is equipped with classic inflatable wheels with inner tubes, make sure to inflate them regularly. If they are inflated to the wrong pressure, there is a higher risk of punctures. Also pay attention to tire wear. If it has almost no rubber left, replace it. A new one will not only be more puncture-resistant, it will also make for a safer ride.

Repair of a flat tire on an electric scooter

Did you get a flat tire? The fix is fairly simple. Disassemble the wheel, remove the casing and pull the inner tube. You then have two options. Either you can patch the puncture with a repair kit, or you can simply replace the inner tube with a new one.

Tubeless scooter tires

The ideal solution is to have a scooter that is equipped with tubeless tires. These provide a comfortable ride, but they do not run the risk of punctures. If they are available for your model, we recommend purchasing them. However, keep in mind that even tubeless scooter tires require attention. Check the tread height regularly and if it is too low, replace them with new ones.

Inspection of joints

The electric scooter has a number of important joints made up of bolts and nuts. As part of regular maintenance, which should be carried out at least once a month, check the tightening of the joints of the folding mechanism, wheel fixings or other parts. If they are loose, they are at risk of failure. If this happens while driving, it can result in serious injury.

Practical tip: Don't forget to clean your scooter regularly. This will prevent the build-up of dirt, which can result in faster corrosion of the metal joints.

Brake service

If the scooter seems to be braking on a longer distance, check the condition of the brake pads. With the naked eye, you can see if there is still enough material on them. If they are too worn, they will need to be replaced. However, you can also do this at home. Simply dismantle the wheel, remove the old pads and replace them with new ones.
If the pads are in pretty good shape but the scooter brakes got worse, you may need to tighten the brake cable. You will find a screw on the brake mechanism that holds it on. You simply loosen this, tighten the cable slightly and tighten the screw again. A greasy brake disc may also be to blame for the poorer braking performance. When cleaning it, wash it with a degreasing agent such as technical petrol.

Replacing the battery of a scooter

The battery life of an e-scooter is usually 500 - 900 cycles. To make it last as long as possible, charge it regularly and don't discharge it completely to zero. If the scooter is standing for a long time, do not store it in direct sunlight or in places where the temperature drops below 0 °C. If the battery capacity has dropped enough to affect your comfort, on many scooters it can be replaced.
The scooter battery itself is relatively affordable and its replacement is not complicated. If you find that your scooter won't charge, the problem may be with the adapter, which needs to be replaced with a new one.

All components in one place

At our e-shop you will find all the spare parts for electric scooters that you might need. You can find brake pads, batteries, tubeless tires, displays, but also many other components. We also offer practical accessories for scooters. Just pick one!

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