Intelligent soldering station for fast heating: Toor T12-11

Soldering stations are extremely important for the work of service technicians. They allow them to connect individual components together and a number of service operations and repairs of mobile devices would not be possible at all without them. It is therefore very important to have a high quality device that allows you to work accurately, quickly and therefore efficiently.

Toor T12-11 makes this possible thanks to a whole host of innovative functions and enhancements that conventional soldering stations do not offer.

These include, for example:

  • Replacement of tips even without the need to switch off the device
  • Efficient heat recovery and 30% higher efficiency of heat transfer
  • Extremely fast tip warm-up in as little as 3 seconds
  • Thin and at the same time durable tips, enabling very precise soldering
  • Sleep function, which saves energy and extends the life of the entire station
  • Possibility of welding at lower temperatures, which reduces the risk of damage to components

All these functions guarantee that working with the Toor T12-11 is 30-50% more efficient and can save up to 70% energy. The resulting connections are very accurate and the whole process requires significantly less time. This is also helped by the possibility of locking the temperature, which the technician used to easily set using a scale graduated by 5 degrees and no longer has to calibrate it during work. It can also set this temperature as the starting time for each new operation.

In addition, thanks to the digital display, the service technician can constantly monitor the temperature, thus reducing the risk of various problems due to too high or too low a temperature, which the station also warns him against. 

Toor T12-11 is an efficient, high-quality and, thanks to its effective antistatic function, a very safe tool that saves not only time, but ultimately your finances. If you are looking for a powerful device for regular use, be sure to consider purchasing this device

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