iPhone X / XS / XR / XS Max Back Glass Repair

Back glass repair for iPhone 8 without gluing the lens cover.

Last time we focused on replacing the back glass on the iPhone 8/8 Plus. Now let's take a look at the iPhone's X / XR / XS / XS Max. This procedure is very similar, but it also has its specifics.

iPhone X / XR / XS / XS Max is designed so that the back-camera cover and its lens cover are welded together. The iPhone 8 had a large enough hole in the center cover for this plug to pass through when the glass is being replaced. But with the iPhone X / XR / XS / XS Max, the situation is more complicated. Apple designed this hole smaller than the lens cover itself. If the back glass is broken, it is Apple's official procedure to replace the entire housing or swap. Both options are very expensive. The alternative was to supply the back glass without a lens cover and finish it only after gluing the glass. The ideal option is to weld this cover to the camera cover after gluing the glass, as Apple does in the production of housing. However, this option is also very expensive, and we rarely meet in Slovakia. Another option is to glue the cover of the camera with glue after gluing the glass. This option is very cheap but will not last long.

We have designed and tested another option for you, which we will explain to you in the following lines. You can order a glass with an already welded cover lens from us. If you are interested in the process of gluing this glass, read on.

First, we completely disassemble the iPhone so that nothing is left on the center cover.

After disassembling the phone, we heat the back cover with a heat gun and remove the glass.

Pomocou kombinačiek odstránime objímku fotoaparátu.

Enlarge the hole in the middle cover with a grinder.


We apply glue B7000.

And then we glue the glass.

This is not entirely normal as it is a serious interference with the phone. But we tried and tested the procedure on our iPhone X. Therefore, we not only know that this procedure is problem-free, but we have confirmed by testing that this intervention is not reflected in the operation of the phone (signal deterioration or overheating). All its functions are as functional as before. This procedure is the most ideal option in terms of price and function, which you can use in case of breakage or other damage to your rear glass on the iPhone X / XR / XS / XS Max.

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