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Is it worth buying a new iPhone 14, or would you prefer a refurbished iPhone 13?

The introduction of the iPhone 14 was a disappointment for many. That is to say, it didn't bring as much news as we expected. So the question arises - is it actually a good idea to buy a new iPhone 14, or would you do better if you opt for a refurbished iPhone 13?

Design-wise, iPhone 14 is virtually indistinguishable from its predecessor. It looks exactly the same. It's 0.15 mm thicker and 2 grams lighter, but you won't notice it in practice. 
In the case of the Pro models, the design difference is a little more visible, as iPhone 14 has a different cut-out for the camera and sensors at the top of the display. It no longer protrudes from the top screen bezel, but is embedded in the display as a separate island that dynamically changes its size, displays notifications and can be clicked on. That's why Apple calls it the Dynamic Island.

What changes have occurred in technology?

You might expect that if the changes are not aesthetic, at least they would be technical. But even in this respect, the iPhone 14 has little to impress. There have been some improvements, but they're nothing revolutionary.


Same display

An interesting fact is that the iPhone 14 uses the same display as the iPhone 13. It has a frequency of 60 Hz and a maximum brightness of 800, respectively, 1200 nits.
Remember: The biggest news in this regard is the always-on display, which hasn't been available on the iPhone until now. However, only Pro models are equipped with it.

Slightly better processor and more RAM

While the iPhone 13 uses a 4-core A15 Bionic processor, you'll find up to a 5-core processor in the iPhone 14. However, as a regular user, you probably won't notice the presence of an extra core. There's also a difference in RAM - while the iPhone 13 has 4GB, the iPhone 14 has 6GB of memory.

Better quality photos and videos

The iPhone 14 uses a 12-megapixel front and rear camera, just like the iPhone 13. However, its hardware and software has been modified, which has slightly improved the quality of photos or videos in different conditions. However, the change against the iPhone 13 is not drastic. 
What is new, however, is the ability to use cinematic video recording mode even at 4K HDR quality. Another benefit is the so-called Action mode function, which stabilizes the video when moving, for example, running. However, its benefit is not world-shaking.

Progress in battery life

On iPhone 13, battery life is 19 hours for video playback, rising to 20 hours on iPhone 14. Thus, it is slightly better, but again, the change is not significant.

New safety features

An often-mentioned feature of the iPhone 14 is the ability to register an accident and automatically contact emergency services. Even, the system can send an SOS message via satellite, which is a benefit in areas without cellular signal. These capabilities are not available in the iPhone 13.

Did you know: while in Europe the e-SIM feature is optional on the iPhone 14, in America all units are automatically equipped with it?

Refurbished iPhone 13 as the ideal choice

To sum it up, the iPhone 14 doesn't bring many revolutionary benefits compared to the iPhone 13 that would be worth the significantly higher price tag. Many experts agree that there is the smallest intergenerational difference between the iPhone 13 and 14 among all iPhone generations. 
So if you're deciding between iPhone 14 and iPhone 13, you'll get the best value for money when you buy iPhone 13. Your best bet is to get a refurbished one.

IPhone 13 from FixBazar

V ponuke nášho FixBazáru nájdete viacero kúskov iPhone 13, ktoré boli odborne repasované. Sú vo vynikajúcom vizuálnom stave a pri ich repasovaní boli použité originálne alebo najkvalitnejšie aftermarket diely. Máte tak istotu, že získavate kvalitný smartfón pripravený dlho spoľahlivo slúžiť. Benefitom je tiež ročná záruka, možnosť vrátenia do 30 dní či 50 % zľava na novú batériu. 
Pri kúpe refurbished iPhone 13 ušetríte aj niekoľko stoviek eur v porovnaní s novým kusom, respektíve, s iPhone 14. Naviac, prispejete k ochrane životného prostredia. Tak neváhajte a vyberte si repasovaný iPhone z FixBazáru aj vy!


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