The most common (technical) problems with the Xiaomi Electric Scooter

The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter is a great partner for city driving, when you want to save time and need a quick and comfortable move through the city. Its advantages clearly include easy handling, storage and easy portability. However, during use, you may come into contact with certain problems that may arise, whether due to normal wear and tear, improper handling and handling, or an accident. Let's look at the most common problems with the Xiaomi Electric Scooter and their possible solutions.



Folding mechanism

The Xiaomi Mi scooter has been designed for easy handling and portability. Therefore, it is equipped with a folding mechanism, thanks to which you can easily and quickly fold the scooter and carry it easily. Older Xiaomi Mi M365 models were equipped with an aluminum folding latch, which was more prone to breakage. Newer models already have a stronger ferromagnetic latch. However, if you want to ensure maximum safety, there are also heavy-duty latches that are twice as durable. If you notice any problem with the folding mechanism, contact our service. The repair of the folding mechanism starts at 39 € and takes about 4 hours.


Shaking / swinging of handlebars

If you notice shaking or rocking of the handlebars on your electric scooter, it is ideal to have the scooter serviced, as this can be a problem for your safety. After diagnosing the technical condition of the scooter, the price is determined, starting from 29 €, while the duration of the repair lasts approximately 4 hours. You may also advance your scooter by buying the shake reducer at our e-shop, which should bring you quieter comfort, even when driving through unevenness.


The scooter cannot be switched on

 There can be several reasons why you cannot turn on the Xiaomi scooter. One of the reasons may be watering. Xiaomi Mi M365 has water resistance IP54. This means that light rain or splashing with water should not be a problem for her. However, more intense rain or a stream of water could be a real problem for her. Therefore, to protect your electric scooter and prevent a problem, purchase a protective waterproof cover for the dashboard. However, if you already fit with a non-functional button, resp. you can't turn on the Xiaomi Mi scooter, it is advisable to bring it to our service center for diagnostics, to one of our branches. The diagnosis takes about 3 days and its price starts at 29 €.


Damaged charging port cover

The small red cover that covers the charging port is designed to protect it from dust or water. It is made of rubber, for easier handling, but if handled carelessly you can damage it. Fortunately, the replacement decorative cover of the charging connector costs a few euros and is not difficult to replace. Just loosen the two screws, insert the decorative cover and pull the screws back. 

Broken fender

When riding a Xiaomi Mi M365 scooter, you may accidentally step on the rear fender and break it. A replacement complete rear fender costs around 18 euros, and if you do not dare to replace it, contact our service and we will be happy to repair your scooter. The fender replacement service takes approximately 4 hours and its price starts at 39 €.

Broken/ damaged tail light

The tail light on the Xiaomi Mi M365 scooter can fail in two ways: the first problem can occur over time, oxidation, and the second problem can occur if your rear fender breaks or damages. A replacement tail light costs around 9 euros and its replacement (during oxidation) is not very problematic. However, some cases may be more complicated and changing the tail light will also require removing the tire. In this case, it is best to contact our Xiaomi scooter repair service


Brake pads

The Xiaomi Mi M365 Scooter has a rear disc brake that needs to be adjusted from time to time by tightening the two hex nuts. However, with frequent driving and normal wear and tear, the brake pads will need to be replaced. New brake pads for the Xiaomi Mi M365 scooter cost around 9 euros. The service of the brake (brakes / brake pads) takes about 3 days and costs 29 €.

Defect on the scooter

If you are surprised by a flat tire or the tires on your Xiaomi scooter are down, you have two options. You either decide to change the tire yourself or you decide to have the defect / tire replacement service waiting for one in our Fixservis branches. The price of a new tire is around 9 euros, while changing a tire is a bit more time consuming and can bother you. Waiting or one-day service costs around 39-49 euros. Sometimes it is enough to apply Slime Tube Sealant to repair the defect. For more frequent defects, it will be more convenient for you to purchase a durable full tubeless tire, which costs around 26 euros. 




Recommendations and tips:

If you decide to repair the Xiaomi Mi electric scooter in case of a problem yourself, pay attention to the basic points:

  1.    Make sure you use the special tools found in our offer.
  2.    When mounting, pay attention to the fragile parts of the connectors.
  3.    Test the functionality of the part before mounting.
  4.    Carry out the repair in a dry and dust-free environment, without direct sunlight.
  5.    Fixservis is not liable for any damage you cause during such repair.
  6.    If you have no experience with the replacement of spare parts, we recommend that you contact our FixServis.
  7.    In case of questions, please contact us at or +421 2/221 333 99.
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