New home button repair procedure for iPhone 7/7Plus and 8/8 Plus

The Home button on iPhone 7 and 8 only works with the original button that came with it. When it goes wrong, it loses the Touch ID function as well as the function of returning to the home screen. However, if you use this customized charging port flex cable, the return function to the home screen will be restored.

And that's how it works

We have an iPhone 7 here that reports the error "Touch ID cannot be activated on this iPhone". We press the Home button and find out that the function return to the home screen does not work either. Go to Settings> Touch ID & Password. The Add Fingerprint option is grayed out. The Home button on this iPhone is therefore completely damaged.

We will now use a customized charging port flex cable that can restore the functionality of returning to the home screen.

To fix the Home button, you need to disassemble iPhone first. First, remove the display section and pull out the logic board. Then remove the Taptic engine, speaker, and charging port flex cable. Insert a new charging port flex cable, then place the Taptic engine and speaker. Now comes the second part - a customized Home Button Flex cable. You can fold it in half and mount it, then put it in place and connect the logic board. The last phase is the area of the Home button, which you place in the hole for this button and then connect the logic board to the display part.

Connect the battery connector to the logic board and turn on the iPhone and press the Home button. The home screen return function is functional again. Fully fold the phone and the Home button will be fully functional. Press it together with the Power button and you will successfully create a screenshot.

However, testing of this customized charging port flex cable revealed several errors:
1.    Headphones with a lightning connector do not work properly
2.    The feel of touching the Home button is not as comfortable as the original button
3.    Return to the home screen is not signaled by vibration
4.    Touch ID is not available

Although the use of this technology has these shortcomings, engineers are working to eliminate them and expect them to be eliminated in the near future.

The following parts and tools are required for replacement:
•    customized charging port and flex cable
•    spudger
•    straight tweezers

Currently comes with the following features:
•    restored home screen return function
•    support for charging adapters from 0.5A-2.4A
•    Create screenshots in all versions of iOS

So you replace a damaged Home button with these upgraded parts?

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