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Optimal Mobile Charging: What to Take Into Account to Make the Battery Last as Long as Possible?

The lithium-ion batteries used in modern smartphones have a relatively long lifespan. However, they also gradually wear out and lose their original capacity. Charging, in particular, plays an important role in this regard. What to look out for and what mistakes to avoid? 

Many smartphone owners still think that optimal mobile charging consists of using the maximum capacity of the battery. That is, they charge their device to 100% and let it run down to almost nothing. While older nickel-cadmium batteries were fine with this treatment, modern lithium-ion batteries can have a much shorter lifespan if treated this way.

How do I take care of my mobile battery? 

Ideally, a smartphone battery should be kept between 20 and 80% charged for its entire life. Therefore, you shouldn't charge your smartphone to 100% and wait to plug it into the charger when it drops below 20%. 

Batteries are fine with short recharges of a few percent, even several times during the day. For example, when your smartphone is 56% charged, feel free to plug it into the charger for 10 minutes. Of course, if you occasionally charge your device to 100%, nothing serious will happen. But if you do it often and for a long time, the battery will start to degrade faster. 

What about charging your phone overnight? 

When you plug your phone into the charger at night, it will naturally charge to 100% overnight. However, some smartphones allow you to set how much to charge it. So you can tell your phone not to charge more than 80%. 

If your device doesn't offer such an option, charging your mobile phone overnight can be made easier, for example, with a plug-in timer. On it, you simply program your phone to charge only at short intervals, several times during the night. 

Beware of high temperatures 

The combination of high temperatures (above 40 degrees Celsius) and charging to 100% is the most damaging to a smartphone battery. Therefore, avoid charging it if the sun is directly hitting your device. 

However, research has found that optimal mobile charging takes place at temperatures between 25 and 40 degrees Celsius. This is where a wireless charger can help. This does not harm the battery. On the contrary, it helps to create ideal charging conditions by slightly warming up the phone. 

Tips on how to charge your mobile phone quickly

Want your phone to charge as fast as possible? Try activating flight mode while charging. Better yet, turn your phone off completely. This way, no power is consumed and it charges in less time. Use the official adapter recommended by the manufacturer. And last but not least, charge at temperatures between 25 and 40 degrees Celsius. 

Replacing the battery with a new one 

Even if you charge your device following all our tips, the battery will gradually lose its capacity. Slowly, but you simply can't avoid this natural wear and tear. If its capacity drops below 80%, it is a good idea to think about replacing it. After all, a degraded battery will not only not last long enough on a single charge, but it can also cause a drop in processor performance. 

You can buy a new battery for your iPhone in our e-shop. We also offer FixPremium Apple batteries, which are cheaper than the originals but have the same quality and capacity. For owners of Android smartphones, we have a large selection of original batteries of different brands. 

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