PanzerGlass – Curved Glass / PREMIUM

PanzerGlass – tempered glass screen protector of the reputable Danish brand PanzerGlass is the ultimate screen protection. 

  • Flat glass with frame and raised silicone layer on the edges
  • Glass covers the entire screen from edge to edge
  • This type of screen protectors can be purchased with additional features: CASE FRIENDLY / PRIVACY / CASE FRIENDLY & PRIVACY

PanzerGlass – tempered glass screen protector of the reputable Danish brand PanzerGlass is the ultimate screen protection. It is made from tempered Japanese Asahi glass of the highest quality, firmness and clearness. Unlike other screen protectors, which are chemically tempered, PanzerGlass screen protectors undergo a tempering process under 500 °C for 5 hours, which ensures exceptional firmness, resistance and shock resistance. Tempered screen protectors PanzerGlass are coated with a oleophobic layer, which prevents undesirable finger-print marks, and therefore always remains clean and clear.

Core features

  • Crystal clear
  • Scratch resistance
  • Absorbs energy when the device falls
  • Oleophobic layer repels greasiness and finger-print marks
  • 100% touch sensitivity
  • every screen protector has its own unique serial number

Package contains:

  • tempered protection glass
  • alcohol infused cloth
  • microfiber cloth
  • dust remover
  • serial number

Additional features

Case friendly

Protects the entire display, but has a margin on the edges so it can be used with a case.

Used if combined with a case to prevent the case from squeezing out the edges of the glass.


Tempered glass with a polarizing foil.

It is not possible to see the contents of the display from the sides and thus protects from the eyes of the curious.

Reduces viewing angles and when looking from the sides, the display appears to be off.


If you've ever tried to apply a protection glass at home, you know it's not that easy. Another big advantage of PanzerGlass is, that in FixServis the application of the screen protector is included in the price and you can have it applied directly in the store (5x in Bratislava and 1x in Nitra).

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