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Samsung smartphone battery bloat: Is the problem back?

You may still remember the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery case that we dealt with a few years ago. Now it looks like Samsung still hasn't fully resolved the battery issues and they may appear in newer phone models as well.

The topic of Samsung batteries has been resurfaced after well-known YouTubers noticed a slight swelling of the batteries in their Samsung phones. Subsequently, several users from different parts of the world confirmed that the batteries in their smartphones tend to increase in volume. As a result, they may explode or cause a fire.

Why do Samsung batteries swell?

Samsung smartphones use modern lithium-ion batteries that work on the principle of chemical reactions of individual elements. However, if the battery is designed or constructed incorrectly, unwanted chemical reactions occur. These cause the battery to swell and can lead to an explosion or fire.

Problems especially when not using the phone for a long time

Owners' experiences indicate that Samsung batteries swell especially if the smartphone is left unused for a long time. That is, the battery does not charge or discharge longer. Under such circumstances, the risk of unwanted chemical reactions is the highest.

Don't forget: The risk of the battery swelling and exploding can also increase in an unsuitable environment for storing the smartphone. For example, a sunny place with too high temperatures.

In which models do batteries inflate?

Battery swelling is not an unusual phenomenon, but it is usually only typical of old batteries that are at the end of their useful life. The problem is that in the case of Samsung smartphones, it also appears with new models. Users noticed it, for example, with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 from 2020 or the Galaxy S20 FE. However, it is not excluded that it will not appear in other models.

What can you do?

If you own a Samsung smartphone, pay attention. Battery swelling is often visible on the outside, especially on the bulging back of the smartphone. However, it may not be completely noticeable in the early stages. Nevertheless, it can cause a fire or explosion.
If you want to replace the battery yourself, in our offer you will find a wide selection of high-quality types for all Samsung models.

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