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Tag – Repair

Service tips and news for technicians Oct. 18, 2021

How to repair non-responsive touch screen on iPhone?

When it comes to non-responsive display on the iPhone it is for sure a situation that every owner of this device would like to avoid.  For technicians, this is kind of a hard nut, and there can be several causes.  Even though the problem of non-responsive iPhones is a thing of the past and new models rarely suffer from this ailment, this problem is still very topical in the field of used equipment.

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Repair news for customers July 29, 2021

Why don’t manufacturers want us to repair their equipment?

Manufacturers are changing their approach. While once the emphasis was on the easiest possible repair of virtually any electronics, nowadays it is definitely not so. Spare parts directly from the manufacturers are essentially unavailable, and repair manuals as well. Brands are even able to go so far as to sue those who try to distribute official service manuals for free.

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Tool tips June 22, 2021

Adhesives used to repair phones and iPads

Repairing small electronics such as smartphones or tablets are really requiring certain hands and good eyesight. But even all of that may not be enough if you do not know exactly how to handle tools and accessories. Adhesives are certainly one of such accessories. In this article, we will try to provide you with at least basic practical tips and information that are good to know before you start repairing your device.

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Service tips and news for technicians May 26, 2021

Programmers: how to replace the display on the iPhone

When it comes to replacing the display on the iPhone, the situation can be very easily complicated. There are known cases where the manufacturer has deactivated the device via a software update, simply because an OEM display has been installed on the device.

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Repair news for customers Feb. 22, 2021

Face ID isn’t working? Maybe you can repair it by yourself

With the advent of the iPhone X, a new way of authenticating and unlocking devices with the Apple logo has also seen the light of day - Face ID. This feature made it possible to unlock the device with a face and replaced the previously used Touch ID, which worked on the principle of scanning fingerprints.

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