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Sept. 16, 2022

How to take care of an electric scooter so that it can last a long time without problems?

Electric scooters are very popular all over the world. Their benefit is their simple construction, which also results in excellent reliability. However, they are not immortal. In order to last a long time without problems, they must receive regular maintenance. What does this involve?

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Repair news for customers, Spare parts May 10, 2021

Tubeless tire for the electric scooter

Probably everyone who regularly and for a long time is using one of the Xiaomi electric scooters, has already encountered a problem, which is a flat tire. At best, you will notice this before you set off. The tire is soft and even after a few minutes of blowing, nothing has changed. In the worst case, you will notice the defect while you are driving. In the worst possible place, in the worst possible moment. The speed starts to decrease, the scooter is even more difficult to maneuver and it is suddenly clear to you what happened.

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