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Tubeless tire for the electric scooter

Probably everyone who regularly and for a long time is using one of the Xiaomi electric scooters, has already encountered a problem, which is a flat tire. At best, you will notice this before you set off. The tire is soft and even after a few minutes of blowing, nothing has changed. In the worst case, you will notice the defect while you are driving. In the worst possible place, in the worst possible moment. The speed starts to decrease, the scooter is even more difficult to maneuver and it is suddenly clear to you what happened.

In addition to the defect, there is also frustration and at the end the need to replace the tire. It is not so important whether it is a defect of the front or rear tire - a lengthy and demanding replacement process awaits you in both cases. One solution is to always replace the tire yourself. Basically, you only need the basic tools and a little bit of strength.

Advantages of a tubeless tire

However, it does not take much time and you have to solve the defect again. And here many users are already looking for another, more durable solution. And it is undoubtedly a tubeless tire. A tubeless tire, as its name suggests, does not use the so-called soul and mantle, but consists of only one piece of rubber compound. Thanks to its uniform structure, it can better withstand various sharp objects, uneven surfaces or sharp impacts. Since it is basically not possible to deform it with normal use, a tubeless tire is probably the last tire you will need. However, these are not all the benefits of a tubeless tire. Thanks to its greater strength, this type of tread also provides lower rolling resistance of the tire, so it is necessary to consume less energy for its movement. What does this mean in practice? Longer range. This can be a few kilometers for the basic Xiaomi scooter, which is a really decent increase with an average range of about 20 km. Another advantage associated with a harder profile and thus a lower rolling resistance, which is a higher speed. Overall, it can be said that a tubeless tire transports you further, faster and especially more reliably.

Disadvantages of a tubeless tire

Each coin has, of course, two sides, and it’s like that also with the case of a tubeless tire. Many owners of Xiaomi scooters who switched to full tires experienced lower riding comfort. This is, of course, due to the higher hardness of the tire, which absorbs less unevenness and can be made less comfortable to ride. It, however, very much depends on the surface you drive on. If it is a straight sidewalk or road, the transition to a tubeless tire is definitely a step in the right direction. If you know that most of the surface is uneven around you or on your regular route, poorer absorption of inequalities can be a more serious problem.

Types of tubeless tires

1. Fluorescent/color

This type of tubeless tire is especially sought thanks for its look. For example, you can choose a fluorescent one, which is great for driving during reduced visibility. In addition to the interesting look, it will also provide you with greater security. Similarly interesting are the various colors that do not glow in the dark, but offer an opportunity to liven up the look of your Xiaomi scooter

2. Solid tire – black with holes

Although this type offers only an ordinary and uninteresting appearance, but thanks to its more rounded shape, you will achieve better maneuverability with your scooter than with the previous type.

3. Solid tire – black without holes

The very last type represents a kind of compromise between the previous tubeless tires and classic tires with inner tubes. It is made of a softer rubber compound, thanks to which it better absorbs individual unevenness, but at the same time it can’t offer the same high range as harder variants.

Tip: If you are unsure, then we have some advice for you. Try to have the tire replaced on only one wheel, the rear for example. The comfort of your ride will not be so significantly affected and at the same time you will get a slightly longer range, speed and especially half less worries.

If you have no experience with changing a tire on your Xiaomi scooter, feel free to contact us. This will avoid possible damage to your equipment (various scratches are not uncommon for unprofessional replacement) and you will probably save few hours of hard work. With us, we will change your tire quickly and reliably with the help of professional tools.

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