This way you can effectively protect the display of your mobile phone

Display protection is the cheapest and easiest protection against damage.

Whether your smartphone is new, or you have been using it for some time, there are things you won't enjoy in either case. Since we do not live in a perfect world, just a moment of inattention, or a little awkwardness and scratches, a cobweb can cause broken display. Replacing the display is not exactly the cheapest thing, so now we will look at effective protection, which will help you prevent the mentioned damage in case of accidents.

Protect your display

Display protection is the cheapest and easiest protection against damage. It acts as an additional layer on the glass surface of your smartphone. It helps protect the display from scratches and dirt on its surface, while also acting as a shock absorber. We distinguish two types of display protection - plastic foils and tempered glass.

Plastic foil protector

The foil provides a basic form of display protection. You can simply apply it yourself or ask the seller. To achieve a clean and invisible appearance, it is necessary to apply it without air bubbles. It protects the display from scratches, dust, and dirt, but may not prevent it from cracking if dropped.

Tempered glass

Glass represents a higher level of protection from plastic foil. It absorbs the increased pressure exerted on the display when it falls, thus protecting it from breaking.

The full offer of tempered glasses from PanzerGlass can be found here.

Use cases

Sometimes the mobile phone will fall on a flat surface and the display will remain intact. However, in most cases, we are not so lucky, and it hits one side and the impact causes a crack on the LCD. You can prevent this by using a protective case that covers the edges of your smartphone, thus absorbing the impact of a fall.

You can find our offer of phone covers and cases here.

There is no right way to protect your smartphone, but the more action you take, the better. The ideal prevention against damage is a combination of tempered glass for the display and a case with high resistance. 


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