When updating iOS 13.1, after replacing the LCD and front glass

Again, Apple has taken action against third-party service providers (unauthorized repair services, home repairs, ...) and also its users. An annoying alert appears after any LCD replacement on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

This notice alerts you that the new display on your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max has not been verified through Apple's official service software, which can be only accessed by authorized Apple service centers.

If a service has installed you an original LCD for iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, which has not been paired afterwards, on the first 4 days after the replacement, a permanent warning will appear. The following 15 days you will be able to find this information in Settings> General> About app. So this information may be verified also by Apple employees, it also appears in „information about device“.

ATTENTION: A warning also appears when original displays are exchanged between 2 identical iPhone models (eg 11 Pro). The notification will only disappear if the iPhone is connected to Apple's official service software and subsequently, the originality of the new iPhone 11 display is verified. However, this notice does not appear to have an effect on the functioning of the device itself.

Our technicians tested this new feature on several iPhone 11 models. We performed the test by replacing the original LCD on the iPhone 11 Pro, and the warning appeared immediately after a display was installed. As a result, we have proved that, despite the 100% originality of the new LCD, the notification on the iPhone appears, and the only way to remove the notification, is by verification through Apple's official service software. The notification only indicates that the new display cannot be verified, but does not affect the functionality.

We came to a conclusion, that probably every display is paired to the motherboard and the new display must be paired again after replacement. By this step, Apple is trying to "push" users to visit an Apple Authorized Service Center and avoid unauthorized service centers.

With this warning, Apple may create a fear in customers to repair their iPhone at a third-party service center or home repair. Even if the notification disappears from your device's screen after 4 days, it can discourage people from replacing the display and touchscreen on an iPhone in an uncertified service or from self-repair.

In our opinion, Apple might consider making ID copy tools available to at least the part of the clientele, that is willing to replace their damaged iPhone display by using an original replacement LCD.

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