Xiaomi spare parts: Original vs. OEM/Aftermarket

When it comes to spare parts for electronics, not all the time is the cheapest way the most ideal. Lower quality parts can fail very quickly or cause serious new problems, which will be much more difficult and costly to solve than the original replacement of the part. Therefore, we always recommend that you consider whether a slightly lower price is really worth such a risk.

We often encounter this situation when it comes to spare parts for Xiaomi equipment. Although there is a really wide range of spare parts of various quality on the market (due to the popularity of this brand), we rarely recommend choosing the cheapest alternative.

Original spare parts from Xiaomi

Xiaomi's approach to spare parts is significantly different from that from Apple, for example. While the apple bite brand offers almost no original spare parts at all, Xiaomi facilitates the eventual servicing of its equipment by quickly and easily accessing its branded and therefore original spare parts. This is a really big advantage when you need to service and replace a certain part. Not only can the whole service be much faster, but it is also significantly cheaper. The choice of non-original spare parts does not make much sense in this case, as the difference in the price of original and aftermarket parts is not significant. 

Note: When servicing an Apple device, a genuine replacement part is not always the best choice. In our offer you will find, for example, FixPremium displays, which provide almost identical qualities and at the same time save you tens of euros.

However, in addition to the easy and fast availability of such spare parts, you also get the quality assurance guaranteed by the manufacturer's logo on each piece. You don't have to worry about the compatibility or safety of such parts - but these worries can very easily meet you if you opt for aftermarket spare parts. Not to mention that such parts are offered mostly from unknown dealers, where, in addition to quality assurance, you often do not find clear information about the spare part. The whole purchase can also bring you unnecessary stress and lost time.

An excellent example, on which it is very easy to show the difference in quality, is the display. Since this spare part is used essentially all the time, any, albeit small, disadvantage will make the use of the device a complete hell with it.

There are several problems that can occur:

  • Worse viewing angles
  • Poor readability in direct sunlight
  • Dull, indistinct colors
  • Problems with touch or control
  • Poor phone life due to higher power consumption

(an example of what differences in original quality may look like vs. Oem) 

If you want to be sure that no unexpected and annoying problems arise after replacing a given part, always prefer genuine Xiaomi spare parts. You can also find them in our e-shop, or in our stores, where we will always be happy to advise you on your purchase

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