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Is your phone not charging? Try these tips!

Charging your phone is a daily routine for many of us. Basically, we don't even give it a second thought. However, one day a situation may arise where a device suddenly can't be charged and needs attention. Here are some simple tips to help you discover the cause of the problem.

Before you suspect the cable, adapter or charging port, check that there is power in the socket. If it's working fine and your device won't charge when plugged in, you need to look elsewhere for the fault.

Check the adapter and charging cable

One of the most common causes of a charging failure is a damaged cable. The cable is stressed throughout its lifetime. It bends, squeezes and stretches, and as a result, it slowly deteriorates. Notice if it's cut or otherwise damaged in any places. Then check the adapter. This can easily be damaged, for example, by falling to the ground.
The easiest way to check if the problem is in the adapter or cable is to use a USB charging tester for your smartphone. This is a simple and affordable device that will check the functionality of the adapter and cable.

Handy tip: If your smartphone supports it, try charging it wirelessly. If charging starts without a problem, you know the problem is with the adapter or cable.

The error may also be in the device

If the cable and adapter are fine, but the phone still won't charge, you need to look for a fault in it. First check the charging port. It often happens that dirt gets into it and blocks the contacts. Use a thin wire or a device blowing a stream of compressed air and clean the port properly.

Damaged flex cable

If charging doesn't work even after cleaning the port, the problem may be deeper inside the phone. The charging connector gradually wears down with age and starts to get loose. As a result, it can damage the flex cable in the device that connects the port to the motherboard. The solution is to disassemble the smartphone and replace the entire connector with the flex cable. Keep in mind that this is a more complicated operation that you can't do without quality tools.

Software problem

Although not common, even a software bug can cause charging difficulties. Restarting the device will usually help. If the problem persists, make sure your operating system is updated to the latest version.

Fully discharged battery

When your phone's battery runs down to zero, it actually still has some reserve so that it can be easily recharged afterwards. However, if you have an old flashlight in your device that's losing power quickly, it may drain that reserve as well. For example, if you don't charge your phone for a long time after it's been discharged. The flashlight then takes longer to wake up to life. As a result, you may not be able to switch on your smartphone until half an hour after it starts charging. Simply, you need to give it more time. In this case, replacing the battery with a new one will help.

What to do if my phone still won't charge?

If you've checked all the basics - adapter, cable, debris in the charging port, restarted the device and updated it, but charging still doesn't work, the problem is probably in the connector itself, the flex cable or the flashlight. Unless you have a lot of experience with phone repairs, it's best to leave your device in the hands of the experts. 
If you know your way around electronics and want to repair your phone yourself, you can visit our e-shop. There you'll find a wide range of spare parts for many smartphone makes and models, plus all the tools you need. Our range also includes a complete range of charging accessories.

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