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Apple power management: how to use your device battery more efficiently?

I'm sure it's no news to you that the battery capacity of your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and MacBook decreases over time. The devices gradually lose battery life on a full charge, and their performance can be affected. However, this natural degradation process can be slowed down if you follow a few basic rules. What to watch out for? 

Apple power management: how to use your device battery more efficiently?

The very first important step that can significantly affect Apple's power management is updating the operating system. Developers are constantly working to ensure that software helps conserve battery life and extend battery life. New OS versions usually make small changes that make the device more power-efficient and thus more energy-efficient. So, make sure your iPhone, iPad, or Mac is updated to the latest operating system. 

iPhone battery: watch out for temperature 

Apple says devices should ideally be operated and stored at temperatures between 16 and 22 degrees Celsius. This is when the battery has the ideal conditions to function and charge properly. Of course, you’ll rarely fit into these temperatures. The upper-temperature limit for iPhone devices is 35 degrees Celsius. Prolonged operation above this temperature causes greater degradation of the battery and therefore a faster decline in battery capacity. The lower limit, below which more wear and tear occurs, is 0 degrees Celsius. The same is true for the iPad and Apple Watch. 

Ideally, you should operate your MacBook at a temperature range of 10 to 35 degrees Celsius. 

The problem may be the cover 

If you're troubled by an iPhone battery problem, the cause may be the cover or case. How is this possible? Often, the case prevents the device from cooling properly. During charging and operation, heat accumulates underneath, exposing the battery to temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius. This causes the battery to wear out more quickly. We, therefore, recommend removing the cover when charging. 

Proper long-term storage 

If you don't use your device for a long period, we recommend that you leave it charged to 50%. If you haven't used it for a long time, recharge the battery to half every six months or so, as it will gradually discharge over the weeks, even if the device is completely switched off. 

Why does the iPhone discharge quickly? 

The cause of the iPhone’s rapid discharge can be a degraded battery or ineffective Apple Power Management. What can you do to make your device last longer? 
It's really simple. In Settings, click "Battery" for a complete overview of what your battery is being used for. You'll see which apps are "guzzling" it the most. If you limit their use, your iPhone will last longer on a full charge. When you open "Battery Health" you'll see what your battery's maximum capacity is. If it's at 80% or less, it's a good idea to replace it with a new one. 

Practical tip: When you're not using your phone, turn off your data connection, wi-fi, or location services. These functionalities can drain your battery very quickly. You can also save a significant amount of power by lowering the brightness of the display. 

Why do my MacBook and iPad die so quickly? 

Even with the MacBook and iPad, location services or Internet connections are a big battery killer. You can also significantly increase battery life by limiting the brightness of the display. After all, the screen on iPads and MacBooks is incomparably larger than on smartphones, so it contributes more to the power drain. 

You can also get longer battery life by turning off apps that run unnecessarily in the background. The Energy Saver, which is available not only for the MacBook and iPad but also for the iPhone, is a good help. When the battery is low, it will automatically restrict certain functions to save as much power as possible. 

Replacing the Apple battery 

If the battery menu tells you that the battery is somewhere around 80% capacity, you have no choice but to replace it with a new one. Fortunately, a new battery is not such an expensive item. It'll keep your device running like new, and you may even experience better performance. You'll find quality batteries for all Apple devices in our online store. If you're also interested in replacing your battery, just visit one of our service centres where our experienced technicians will replace it while you wait. 

Techie tip: If you're a techie and you're looking to replace your Apple battery, we recommend you reach for FixPremium Apple batteries, which have the same capacity and quality as the original, but at a significantly lower price.


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