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Smartphones and privacy: a few tips to protect yourself

It's no secret that smartphones are one of the biggest privacy invaders. They can collect huge amounts of data about our activities that often end up in the wrong hands. And often, we don't even know it. How do smartphones actually track us, and in which cases can PanzerGlass' innovative protective glass help?  

Smartphones and privacy: a few tips to protect yourself

The very first major risk that every smartphone owner is exposed to is dodgy apps. When you download an app from an unverified developer onto your device, you never know if it's hiding some malicious code. Once installed, they can gain access to all the sensitive data you have on your phone - whether it's contacts, messages, photos, or some valuable files. 

Handy tip - when installing each app, look carefully at what permissions it wants from you. If you're installing a simple game, but it requires access to your camera, contacts, and microphone, make sure it's worth downloading. 

Camera, microphone, and wi-fi network 

A camera can be a significant privacy invader. If hackers take control of it with malicious code, they can track you 24/7. And you don't even need to know about it. The same goes for a microphone. 

Nowadays, the trend is that almost every shopping centre or restaurant has its own wi-fi network that you can connect to. However, there is a catch. Since you are connecting to someone else's network, you never know what its owner does with the data you collect. It can track your Internet activity quite easily, which is definitely not comforting. 

Localisation services 

Every smartphone is essentially a small tracking device. If a hacker manages to stealthily take control of your device's location services through an app or malicious code, it can track your every move with high accuracy. And if you think turning off location services is the end of the problem, we've got some unpleasant news for you. Every device, including accelerometers and barometers, can be tracked using a mobile network.

How will quality PanzerGlass safety glass help? 

It may seem incredible at first, but high-quality protective glass can make a significant contribution to a higher level of privacy when using your smartphone. How is this possible? 

Protective glass with camera cover

A simple solution to avoid the risk of being tracked through the front camera is to overlay the camera on your mobile phone. However, you don't need to use any unsightly adhesive tape to do this. Simply purchase a protective glass with a PanzerGlass CamSlider camera cover. This features a small slide-out "door" that simply blinds the front camera. And when you need it, you can uncover it again with a flick of your finger. 

Such a solution does not interfere at all with the comfort of use. Plus, some versions of the PanzerGlass CamSlider can have this sliding "door" made of Swarovski crystal. They will make your device even more beautiful. 

Protective glass with a PanzerGlass Privacy filter 

Your smartphone privacy doesn't just have to be compromised by hackers watching you remotely. Imagine you're texting your loved one privately on a bus or in a doctor's waiting room somewhere. Anyone standing near you can watch the entire communication out of the corner of their eye. However, there is also a simple modern solution to this problem - PanzerGlass Privacy filter protection glass. 

This makes it impossible to read the data on the display from a wide angle. Thus, when you look at your smartphone screen directly as a normal user, you can see the image perfectly without any distortion. But a person standing next to you and looking at it from the side won't see anything at all thanks to the special filter. Your privacy will thus remain perfectly protected from all curious onlookers.

PanzerGlass also for your smartphone 

Wondering what iPhone, Samsung, or other smartphone glass you should buy? If you really care about security and privacy, PanzerGlass is a great solution. In addition to a high level of privacy protection, the high-quality glass from this Danish manufacturer will also please with its exceptional shatter resistance. They do not distort the image and maintain 100% display sensitivity. They are available for the most popular smartphone brands and models. PanzerGlass protective glasses can be purchased from the comfort of your home via our e-shop.


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