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Currently, some of our suppliers are celebrating the Chinese New Year, which means that some of the items ordered may not be in stock until 10.3.2023. The situation concerns some items that had "On Order" stock availability when ordered.


Online shopping:

Shopping procedure

  1. Select goods from a chosen category, then type the number of goods that you would like to order, into the box next to the goods.
  2. After adding the goods into the shopping cart, you will be automatically redirected to a site where you can check your order.
  3. If you decided to purchase selected goods, click on “Proceed to Checkout”. You may remove goods by marking the box “Remove” and then clicking on the icon “Empty Shopping Cart” which is right below.
  4. You may also continue shopping for other goods, if you click on “Continue Shopping”, while goods already selected remain saved in your shopping cart.
  5. If you are shopping with us for the first time, please fill-in your contact details and delivery address, so we know where to deliver the goods. By completing this step, you will be registered and therefore, able to keep track of your order. If you are shopping for a company, it is necessary to fill in the company's billing data (IČO, DIČ and IČ-DPH if you have one). If you are a VAT payer, we must first check your company and then set you 0% VAT so that you have additional orders without VAT.
  6. If you have shopped with us in the past, and you are already registered, simply just log-in. You will be directed to step 1 of 3, in which you check your delivery address. By clicking “Proceed to Checkout” you will be directed to step 2 of 3, where you select the payment and shipping method. After this click on “Order” and then “Proceed to Checkout” by which you get to step 3 of 3, where you review the whole order.
  7. Complete your order by clicking “Confirm Order”. You can keep track of your orders by clicking on “My account”. You will be informed of any changes by email or phone.

On our e-commerce website you may select from the following payment methods:


  1. Payment on delivery
  2. Bank transfer
  3. PayPal
  4. Payment through Sporopay

More information on payment methods can be found here.

Goods ordered before 13:00 will be shipped by a courier on the same day with guaranteed 1-day delivery.

Delivery of pre-ordered goods may take longer (usually within 10-16 days). We will inform you about the expected delivery date by email or phone.

In case you selected Bank transfer as a payment method or payment through Sporopay – your goods will be shipped after we receive the payment.


If you received your goods damaged, you are obliged to inform our customer service (by email or phone), as well as the delivery company, which delivered your goods, within 24 hours after receiving your goods.

For further information on the availability of goods, please contact out customer service.

We deliver goods via courier service SPS (UPS), Slovak mail and to Czech Republic via INTIME courier service. More information on the delivery options can be found here. You may likewise collect your goods at our headquarters: Einsteinova 7, 851 01, Bratislava – Relaxx building.

Sure! Collection is possible in our branch in Avion on the address Ivanska cesta 11 and in Relaxx on the address Einsteinova 7, during our opening times. If the goods are in stock, they will be shipped to the selected branch, usually within 24 hours, latest within 48 hours from ordering. We will let you know by SMS when your good are ready to be collected.

In case we do not have the replacement part in stock, we advice customers to create a reservation for the replacement part. Our customer services can inform you after the part is restocked.


You may check the availability of replacement parts on our website, where this information can be found next to the specific replacement part. After clicking on the replacement part you will be able to see whether it is in stock, or available to be pre-ordered.

Return of goods: Withdrawal from the purchase contracts within 14 days from purchase

If the product you purchased on our e-shop or one of our stores is unsuitable for you, you may return it without giving reason within the 14-day statutory period, from the date of receiving the product.

Terms and conditions of returning goods:


  • Original condition
  • Contains all original labels
  • Without any signs of use or wear
  • Intact and undamaged
  • Not installed into the device
  • Spare parts must have an intact trademark FixServis
  • Complete (including accessories, warranty certificate, instructions etc.)
  • In the original, undamaged packaging


We aim to buy quality products from certified suppliers. If, however, the product stops working, we ensure that it will get repaired, exchanged or refunded. If you wish to claim spare parts, you must send or bring the product to our headquarters. If you wish to claim phone accessories, you must bring the product to the store in which you purchased it. If you were shopping through are es-hop, send the goods to our headquarters.


You may download the claim terms here  claim_terms.pdf 215.2 KB

You may download the withdrawal from the purchase contract here Withdrawal from the contract.docx 8.3 KB

In case you would like to make a claim on a spare part that either you or a third party installed into your device, we reserve the right to refuse. However, if our technician assesses that a faulty spare part was delivered to you, without being mechanically damaged by installation, you have the right to proceed with a claim. 

If you cannot remove the spare part from the device, you have the right to send the entire device for a complaint. In that case you will be charged a fee of 20, - € for removing the spare part from the device.

In the case that we acknowledge your complaint and the spare part is no longer available – you will be informed by mail, saying that the spare parts status is “waiting for spare part to be restocked”.

In case the spare part is not available, our complaints department will inform you about the expected delivery date, or will offer you a refund.


Although, the customer protection act provides a 30 day complaint period, we aim to resolve all the complaints as soon as possible.


You will be informed about the status of your complaint by our customer service centre by email or phone.


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The customer has a right for a refund if:


  • He makes a complaint 3 times for the same fault on the same device
  • Makes a complaint 4 times for different faults on the same device
  • The spare part is not available

We will send back the money for the goods to your bank account as soon as possible, within 14 days since withdrawal from the purchase agreement, however, not before the goods are returned to our store or sent back to our complaints department (or it you prove that it has been already shipped back to us). The expenses that arise from the return of the goods are to be handled by the purchaser. 

  • Battery (capacity) – 6 months
  • Battery (electronical defects – e.g. inflated battery) – 2 years
  • Legal entities – 1 year
  • Personal entities – 2 years
  • Refurbishment of device – 1 year

Wholesale partnership:

If you are a legal entity from abroad and are payers of VAT abroad, simply provide us with correct billing information of your company when filling out our order form.  We will automatically issue an invoice without VAT, after checking your business status.


If you are looking for information, whether a specific product is in stock at a certain branch, please, contact our customer service or the branch directly.  

For more information about our branches, please click here.

Were you not able to find an answer to your question?

If you were unable to find an answer for your question here, please contact our customer service



SW – device software – software equipment of device, operating system

SWAP modul - A service unit contains all components of the mobile phone removing accessories, designed to swap the entire device. This module according to the manufacturer's division may not contain a battery, a memory card, or a battery cover. The SWAP module is a replacement part and is not a sales package.

Calibration - Setting the signal parameters to the correct values. Calibration is used for signal issues, voice-related faults, phone battery problems as well as SIM card registration issues. Calibration is a service intervention that is not accessible to the user.

RF Plate (PCB / PBA Plate) - Phone Base Plate. It is the main signal and logical part of the device. Depending on the manufacturer's distribution, the IMEI of the phone phone may change.

Master reset (factory reset) - Restoring the phone settings to the factory settings that are the same as when you first start the device. Master reset can remove malfunctions caused by third-party applications or defects caused by user data. Master reset is not a service intervention and is available to the user via the device menu.

IMEI – It is a unique international identification number. It is in an electronic form in your device (detectable via * # 06 #) or on a label under the battery.

SN (MSN) – Is a unique serial number generated by the manufacturer. On mobile phones, it can be only found on a label under the battery, while on other devices on a label on the of the device, Therefore, it is important for the serial number to be readable. Otherwise, it is not possible to identify the device and perform a warranty repair.

GSM – Is a digital mobile audio and data services transfer technology. It is the third generation of global mobile communications and includes GPRS and EDGE data transmission.

3G  Digital technology for mobile audio and data services. It is the fourth generation of global mobile communications and includes the fast data transmissions.

LTE – Digital technology for mobile audio and data services. It is the fourth generation of global mobile communications and includes the fastest data transmissions.

BTS – Is a mobile signal transmitter. The mobile phone is connected to this fixed station, enabling the device to communicate with the operator network.

Test of the mobile device on a radio-communication tester that simulates a real call with the SIM card.

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