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Required spare parts:

Apple iPhone 6S - LCD Adhesive (Black)
Manufacturer: Apple Code: 8215
Apple iPhone 6S - LCD Adhesive (Black)
1.78 € with VAT 1.48 € without VAT
Apple iPhone 6S - LCD Display + Touch Screen + Frame (Black) In-Cell FixPremium
22.98 € with VAT 19.15 € without VAT

Exchange Tools:

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Suction Cup for LCD Disassembly
Suction Cup for LCD Disassembly

0.48 € with VAT

0.40 € without VAT

Spudger - Universal Plastic Opening Tool (Black)
Spudger - Universal Plastic Opening Tool (Black)

0.98 € with VAT

0.82 € without VAT

Kaisi - Blue Guitar Pick Disassembly Tool
Kaisi - Blue Guitar Pick Disassembly Tool

0.98 € with VAT

0.82 € without VAT

Plastic Antistatic Tweezer with Thin Curved Tip
Plastic Antistatic Tweezer with Thin Curved Tip

1.48 € with VAT

1.23 € without VAT

Advantageous accessories:

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When replacing the LCD assembly on an iPhone 6S it is necessary to install the old home button into the new assembly, to sure the Touch ID function.


Replacement parts for iPhone 6S can be found in our e-shop offer. If you are interested in a service task for an iPhone 6S, visit one of our branches and we will ensure a same-day repair.

Step 1Removing Pentalobe screws

 Before disassembling your iPhone discharge the battery under 25%. A charged lithium-ion battery may easily catch fire and explode, if accidentally infringed. 

  • turn off your iPhone
  • remove the two 3,4 mm P2 Pentalobe screws next to the Lightning connector

Step 2Opening the device

 IPhone 6S display is attached to to the device with a thin line of adhesive around edges. If you wish to secure it after the repair, you may purchase it as a replacement part and newly install. If you decide not to replace the adhesive, you should not spot any differences in the functioning of the device. 

  • press down the suction cup in the bottom left corner of the display. Make sure that it did not cover the Home button

 Make sure that the suction cup is fully sucked to the scree and seals well.

  • pull the suction cup so that you slightly deviate the end of the front panel from the rare housing

 Give yourself enough time and use constant force. 

 If the display holds firmly, heat it up slightly with a hairdryer, to soften the adhesive.

  • use a spudger to gently separate the back housing downwards from the LCD assembly, while you continue pulling the suction cup
  • use a plastic spudger to gently move in-between the edge of the LCD assembly and rare housing of the iPhone, while you continue gently pulling the suction cup upwards
  • once finished, remove the suction cup from the display

Step 3Removing the accumulator console screws

  • remove these screws from the ending of the battery connector
    • first 2,9 mm screw
    • second 2,2 mm screw

Step 4Disconnecting the metal battery connector holder

  • disconnect the battery holder from the iPhone

Step 5Disconnecting battery connector

  • use a plastic spudger to gently disconnect the battery connector from its socket on the motherboard

 Make sure, not to disconnect only the battery connector and ripping out the whole connector on the motherboard.

Step 6Removing front panel cable bracket from the LCD assembly.

  • Remove the following four screws, which secure the front panel cable bracket
    • Three 1,2mm screws
    • One 2,8 mm screws

 Keep track of the screws, as wrong placement during reassembling may cause permanent damage to the motherboard of your iPhone 

Step 7Removing the LCD assembly cable bracket

  • removing the front panel cable bracket from the motherboard

Step 8Disconnecting the front-facing camera connector

  • to disconnect the front-facing camera and sensor cable connector, use a spudger or fingernail

Step 9Disconnecting the touchscreen connector

  • use the flat end of a spudger to disconnect the touchscreen connector

 When re-connecting the touchscreen connector do not press down in the middle. Press one end of the connector and then the other. Pressing down in the middle may bend the component and cause damage to it. 

Step 10Disconnecting LCD cable

 Before disconnecting or re-connecting the cable, make sure that the battery is disconnected

  • to disconnect the LCD cable connector, use a spudger or a fingernail
  • the display data cable may pop out of the connector while you reassemble your phone
  • when turning your phone back on, this may cause white lines or a blank screen. If this happens, simply re-connect the cable
  • the best way to get your phone running, is disconnecting and re-connecting the battery connector

Step 11Separating the LCD assembly from the rare housing.

  • separate the LCD assembly from the rare housing

Step 12Disassembling LCD cover

  • remove the 9 screws along the perimeter of the LCD cover using a PH000 screwdriver

Step 13Home Button

  • Remove the 3 x 1,7 mm Phillips screws, which secure the home button bracket in place
  • Lift the small piece of the home button bracket, until you spot a small beak
  • Eject the cover from the EMI shield and remove it

Step 14Disconnecting Home button

  • Use a spudger to disconnect the home button connector from the display panel
  • Gently press down the home button from the display side and slowly separate it from the panel
  • The rubber edge of the home button is very thin and may easily rip. Separate it therefore gently and slowly, yet smoothly. 
  • Use the tip of a spudger to separate the home button flex cable from the panel and remove it from it. 

Step 15Disassembling the earpiece speaker cover

  • Remove the 3 Phillips screws from the earpiece speaker cover
  • (red) two 2,3 mm screws
  • (orange) one 1,3 mm screw
  • Remove the earpiece speaker bracket

Step 16Lift the front-facing camera

Lift the front-facing camera from its place on the front panel, using the flat end of a spudger

Step 17Disassembling the earpiece speaker

  • Keep the front-facing camera on side and remove the damaged speaker from the phone

Step 18Disassembling the front-facing camera and proximity sensor

  • Slowly unstick the proximity sensor and the front-facing camera. Use tweezers to remove the plastic sensor bracket.

Step 19Insert a new home button

  • Insert a home button into the new panel and install it into the device by reversed process.
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