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Samsung Galaxy A8 LCD assembly replacement

Published on 11.04.2019

Technical difficulty

Moderately difficult

Duration of the procedure

30 minutes – 1 hour

Number of steps in the tutorial


Required spare parts:

Samsung Galaxy A8 A530F (2018) - LCD Display + Touch Screen (Black) - GH97-21406A, GH97-21529A
86.82 € with VAT 72.35 € without VAT
Samsung Galaxy A8 A530F (2018) - LCD Display Adhesive - GH81-15177A
9.54 € with VAT 7.95 € without VAT

Exchange Tools:

Add all
Suction Cup for LCD Disassembly
Suction Cup for LCD Disassembly

0.98 € with VAT

0.82 € without VAT

Spudger - Universal Plastic Opening Tool (Black)
Spudger - Universal Plastic Opening Tool (Black)

1.98 € with VAT

1.65 € without VAT

Kaisi - Blue Guitar Pick Disassembly Tool
Kaisi - Blue Guitar Pick Disassembly Tool

0.98 € with VAT

0.82 € without VAT

Plastic Antistatic Tweezer with Thin Curved Tip
Plastic Antistatic Tweezer with Thin Curved Tip

1.98 € with VAT

1.65 € without VAT

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If your Samsung A8 has a damaged display and you would like to replace it on your own, you may find it helpful to follow this manual. All replacement parts can be purchase on our e-shop. 

Replacement parts for Samsung A8 can be found in our offer on our e-shop. If you are interested in a service task for Samsung A8, visit one of our branches and we will arrange a same-day repair. 

Step 1Removing rare cover

  • use a hairdryer or a heat gun to warm up the rare cover of the phone
  • use a thin plastic card or a triangle pick to create a small gap in the edge

 As this is a water-resistant smartphone, the adhesive under the rare cover is very strong. If you are unable to create a small gap, use an even thinner plastic tool or continue warming up the cover for a few more seconds.

 be patient, this step can take even 15 minutes.

  • The fingerprint sensor is located on the rare cover. The location through which the flex cable leads is marked in the photo. Advance with care when separating with a plastic card.
  • After opening the rare cover, disconnect the fingerprint sensor flex cable – this cable is short and fragile, therefore be careful, not to damage it. 

Step 2Removing the motherboard bracket

  • Remove all the 15 Philips #000 screws from the motherboard bracket 
  • Gently pry up the bracket with a plastic spudger
  • Disconnect the battery flex cable. The flex cable clamp is fragile, therefore handle with care and touch it only with the flat end of a spudger.

Step 3Removing the old screen.

  • Disconnect the flex cable from the screen by using a spudger 
  • Use a spudger to remove the front-facing camera
  • Turn the device and warm up the display in the place of the front-facing camera. 
  • Use a spudger to create a small gap and insert the ultrathin plastic opening card in
  • Cut the adhesive under the display with the opening card. Every time it seems difficult, warm up repeatedly. 

Step 4Výmena displeja za nový: test a namontovanie nového displeja

 First, test the new display

  • Connect the flex cable to the display 
  • Turn on the smartphone and check: 
    • Display brightness – pull it down to the minimum and then maximum 
    • Touchscreen –  by moving one of the apps around the screen or editing a text message, you can check if everything works smoothly
    • Take a look at a black and white photo – to check the pixels
    • After testing, turn off the phone and disconnect the flex cable 

 You have to turn off the device first, before disconnecting the flex cable. If you do this in a reversed order, you will damage the screen. 

 Installing a new display

  • Remove the remaining adhesive, left around the frame from the old screen. Use an antistatic cloth and isopropyl-alcohol
  • Apply the special adhesive sticker on the rare cover of this device and secure back to the body of the phone. 

Step 5Vrátenie zadného krytu

  • Remove the back cover of the fingerprint reader and connect the cable to the motherboard.
  • Clean the old adhesive residue on the back cover. Use an antistatic cloth and isopropyl alcohol.
  • Attach a special adhesive sticker to the back cover for this device on the back cover and attach the cover to the phone body.
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