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Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G A528B - LCD Display + Touch Screen + Frame OLED
Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G A528B - LCD Display + Touch Screen + Frame OLED

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G A528B - LCD Display + Touch Screen + Frame OLED

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New non-original Aftermarket PRO OLED display with touch glass, frame which has a reduced refresh rate.

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New non-original Aftermarket PRO OLED display with touch glass, frame and with loss of functionality. 
Suitable for those who prefer an affordable solution and are willing to accept the loss of functionality.

The illustration shows the original display. Non-original Aftermarket PRO OLED display may not include all of the small parts that are visible in the illustration.

About Aftermarket PRO Quality

  • Manufactured by a third party, not directly by the equipment manufacturer.
  • Has variations in functionality, quality or appearance.

The advantages and disadvantages listed below are compared to the original manufacturer's display.

  • Fingerprint reader function retained, proximity sensor and illumination
  • Better viewing angles than with an aftermarket TFT display
  • Better brightness and contrast than with an aftermarket TFT display
  • Supports Always On display
  • Lower battery consumption compared to an aftermarket TFT display
  • Low price


  • Reduced brightness
  • Lower resolution
  • Lower reliability
  • Wider frame around the display
  • The reduced refresh rate is due to aftermarket display manufacturers not using chips that support higher frequencies. This is due to low demand for these functions and increased production costs. This limitation may affect the smoothness of content viewing, especially when watching videos or playing games.

If you are interested in a display that has retained features, we recommend selecting a Genuine Service Pack (Original Service Pack) quality display.

Tips before replacement:

  • Part replacement should be carried out by a qualified person.
  • Special tools are required for replacement.
  • Test the functionality of the part before replacement.
  • When replacing, pay attention to the fragile parts of the connectors.
  • Try to replace the part in a dry and dust-free environment without direct sunlight.

We are not responsible for any damage caused during the exchange.
If you have any questions, please contact us via chat.

If you are inexperienced in replacing a display assembly, we recommend that you have your device serviced at a service center.


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    LCD displays & touch screens
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