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How to shop

Thank you, for choosing to shop in FixShop! If this is your first time visiting us, please read these brief instructions that may help to guide you through shopping in our store. Its truly simple as you can manage everything in just a few steps.

  • Find your goods or services

Do you know exactly what you are looking for? Or would you rather choose from a catalogue dedicated to your device? Our store provides several options by which you can find what you are looking for:


Intelligent search

Using the search box on top of the page, start typing the name of the product, product category or service. You may also use the device name. The search bar will suggest relevant products and services for you to choose from. For example, type IPhone case, Samsung display, Otterbox purchase etc.

Main menu

If you are not completely sure about what you are looking for, or you would like to book a service task of your device or sell your old device, you may use our transparent main menu.

Shopping for goods in sections

Do you prefer to shop by just “browsing”? Simply, click on a specific section of the store and you can browser through our extensive offer. Do not forget to use a filter, that will show you only the products you want to see at the moment.

  • Insert the goods into the shopping cart

Regardless of where you are on our page, look for a strong colored icon with a shopping cart besides your products. After clicking on it, the goods are automatically added to your cart and you can continue shopping.

  • Check your purchase

On our website you are always accompanied by an icon of a shopping cart the upper right corner of the page, which always informs you of the total purchase price. After clinking on it, you will be able see all the goods you have put in the shopping cart.If you changed your mind about any item and you want to delete it, or you would like to add something, you may do so directly in the shopping cart.

Do you have a discount code? Perfect! You may likewise enter the number of the discount code here in your shopping cart, and the price will be automatically reduced.

Before submitting your order, you may wish to ask for advice from someone you know. The shop will create a temporary shopping cart link which you can send to anyone.

  • Fill in the billing and shipping details

This is where you tell us who will pay for the goods and who should we deliver them to.

Do you hate filling out the long, exhausting data forms? We do too! On our page you can simply sign up and get all your data pre-filled after signing in.

What happens next?

See how you can pay for goods and how it will be delivered to you.

Shipping and payment

Choose the mode of shipping that suits you best:


We deliver the goods directly to you within 24 hours.

You can pay in several ways:

Cash on delivery

You pay for the goods when the courier delivers them to you or at the post office.         

Bank transfer

After completing the order, you will be given the account number and the variable symbol, to which you transfer money for the purchase. After receiving the payment, we ship the goods to you.

Online card payment

You pay for the goods through the secured internet gateway. We ship the goods over immediately after a successful payment.


You pay by simply signing in to PayPal. We ship over the goods immediately after a successful payment..

Going Green

We are constantly improving our carbon footprint to protect our planet. Read more about how we are adapting our processes to reduce our footprint.

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