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Why are original parts more expensive?

Nowadays, many customers ask why the price of original smartphone parts increases several years after the model is released. This phenomenon is both interesting and logical, and it relates to EU regulations and economic factors associated with the production of spare parts.

Why are original parts more expensive?

EU Regulations and the Obligation to Maintain Spare Parts
According to current EU regulations, manufacturers are required to ensure the availability of Original spare parts for their devices for at least two years after the end of sales of a particular model. This obligation means that the manufacturer must ensure the availability of parts until the warranty period for the last sold unit of that model expires.

After this period, however, the manufacturer is no longer obligated to continue producing these parts. Economically, the production of such spare parts becomes unprofitable because the demand for them decreases while the costs of maintaining production lines for older models increase.

Lifecycle of Spare Parts
Smartphones have a relatively short lifecycle, with new models appearing on the market every year. For example, models like the Samsung Galaxy S22 or iPhone 14, which were released in 2022, are already approaching the period when the manufacturer will stop supporting the production of Original spare parts for these devices.

Over time, as Original spare parts are no longer produced, their availability on the market decreases. This decline in availability leads to an increase in price because the demand for these parts still exists, but the supply is limited.

Original Service Pack* – Quality and Price
Original spare parts labeled as Original Service Pack* are manufactured exclusively for a specific brand, such as Samsung, Apple, or other major brands. These parts are marked with a product code that guarantees their originality and quality.

For some products, there may be multiple product codes for the same part, but this does not change the fact that it is an original product. Original parts are often more expensive due to their higher quality and the warranties they provide.


Increase in the price of original smartphone parts
The increase in the price of original smartphone parts several years after the model's release is due to a combination of legal requirements for spare parts availability and economic factors associated with production. As the availability of original parts decreases while demand remains, the prices of these parts naturally rise. This phenomenon is particularly noticeable, for example, with batteries, which are often replaced, further emphasizing the increase in their prices over time.

For consumers who want to keep their older smartphones operational, it may be wise to consider purchasing original spare parts sooner rather than later, before they become unavailable and their prices significantly increase.

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