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Do you have skills in repairing smartphones, tablets, laptops, or any other electronics? Battery replacement, screen repair, or other component fixes are familiar to you? Join us and become a Fix-Handyman.

How much will I earn?

It depends only on you how much time you dedicate to repairs. We believe that you will enjoy it more and more. The table provides an example of how much you can earn for servicing one device.

Model Quality Service Operation Part Price* Service Price** Your Profit
iPhone 11 Aftermarket Display Replacement 25,19 € 65 € 39,81 €
iPhone 11 FixPremium
We recommend
Display Replacement 31,24 € 75 € 43,76 €
iPhone 11 Aftermarket Replacement of the rear camera glass 3 €  42 € 39 €
iPhone 12 FixPremium Display Replacement - Hard OLED 65,52 € 145 € 79,48 €
iPhone 12 FixPremium
We recommend
Display Replacement - Soft OLED 100,81 € 175 € 74,19 €
iPhone 12 Aftermarket Replacement of the rear camera glass 3,51  € 52 € 48,49 €
iPhone 13 FixPremium Display Replacement - Hard OLED 85,69 € 189 € 103,31 €
iPhone 13 FixPremium
We recommend
Display Replacement - Soft OLED 131,06 € 219 € 87,94 €
iPhone 13 Aftermarket Replacement of the rear camera glass 3 € 59 € 56 €
**This is our sales price including VAT as of the publication date, however, you will receive a discount based on your monthly turnover.
**Price for service operation at FixServis (SR).

Your profit depends on the monthly turnover and the price for the service operation. The more you order and repair, the more you will earn.

Fix-Handyman is not an offer for an employment contract. Fix-Handyman is also not an offer for a part-time job where we will pay you XY Euros per hour. It is an offer for a fair collaboration in the service sector. You can consider it as a loyalty program.

What will I gain as a Fix-Handyman?

  • More favorable prices after registration
  • Expert advice (via live chat and email)
  • Purchasing products all in one place

The level of favorable prices depends on your monthly turnover. Every new Fix-Handyman will initially receive a benefit, which is the D price category, valid until the end of the nearest quarter. To maintain or move to a higher price category, regular turnovers are required.

Category Monthly Turnover Discount Rate**
B2C 0 € 0 %
A 200 € 4 %
B 450 € 8 %
C 800 € 12 %
D 1 300 € 16 %
E 1 900 € 20 %
F Individual Individual

**The discount rate is not calculated from the total price of the product but from the product margin. Therefore, the discount rate is only an average and varies for each product.
We reserve the right to make any changes to the method of setting price categories.

Everything else is up to you. Repairs are not carried out by us (at our stores) and not at our expense.

Am I contractually bound to FixShop?

No, it is not a part-time job or any other employment advertising, i.e., you don't sign an employment contract with FixShop.

We are just the supplier of spare parts for you at the best prices. Everything else is your own responsibility. This means that you are looking for the orders/customers on your own. We won't send you equipment to repair. You carry out repairs at your own expense in your own premises.


Who is a Fix-Handyman?

A service technician who operates independently. Whether you are a student, enthusiast for small electronics, or a local repair person, purchase replacement parts, tools, or accessories at a more favorable price.

RECOMMENDED: Use social media - TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and others for your visibility. You can also offer services on bazaar portals, online directory providers, service providers, or social media groups.



Fill out the form and become a Fix-Handyman

We'll send you more detailed information via email.


Anyone can become a Fix-Kutil.

We have available all qualities of spare parts, including Genuine Service Pack, FixPremium, Refurbished, and others.
More information about the qualities can be found in the section Quality standards of spare parts.

  1. Register now
  2. Create your first REGISTRATION order for this item
  3. Include Fix-Kutil in the notes

Afterwards, we'll activate better prices on your account, which will appear within 2 business days.
In your next order, you'll already have access to preferential prices. Additionally, we'll include a plastic card for free.

No, we do not provide this option for Fix-Handyman.

You can calculate the amount of your discount based on your quarterly turnover minus the shipments you returned or did not accept. Don't forget to deduct the shipping cost as well.

You will find the pricing level in a table corresponding to your result.

The delivery speed of the goods depends on the carrier. Goods in stock are typically delivered by carriers within 24 hours.

As we work with multiple carriers, prices vary. You can find the shipping rates on our website in the Shipping section.

If you encounter any issues with your order or a complaint, please contact us via email at
Please include the order or complaint number in the subject line.

Yes, this applies to corporate customers as well. According to the law, it is possible to return goods within 14 days of purchase. The item must be returned in undamaged condition and in its original packaging.

All information on how to proceed with returns is provided in the Complaints section.

All information on how to proceed with returns is provided in the Complaints section.
If you have any questions regarding complaints, please contact us at


Updated: May 15, 2024

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