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Privacy Policy

Personal data protection and information on privacy policy and consent with processing of personal data for marketing purposes of the company.


By signing the contract, the Consumer grants the Seller the consent for processing of personal data under Act no. 18/2018 Z.z. on the protection of personal data as amended in the economic and information systems of the seller.

The Seller stores personal data provided by the Consumer solely for the purpose of fulfilling the terms of the contract, for the purpose of processing the order, delivery, settlement of payments and for necessary communication between the parties for a period of 10 years.

The Seller shall not provide the Consumer's data to third parties, except subcontractors and / or the Seller's agents, and only those data that are necessary for successful delivery.

The Seller proceeds while handling Consumer's personal data in accordance with the provisions of Act no. 18/2018 Zz on the protection of personal data as amended.

By ordering a service task, the Consumer confirms that he has voluntarily provided his or her personal information to the Seller and agrees with their processing in the Seller’s records, insofar as they are not in contradiction with the law and also with the disclosure and provision of data to third parties and state institutions under the conditions and to the extent stipulated by law.

The Consumer agrees with processing, making his/her personal data available and with their use for direct marketing purposes of the Seller for a period of 10 years. The Consumer has the right on the basis of a free of charge written request, object to the processing of his or her personal data that he or she assumes that is, or will be processed for direct marketing purposes, without his/her consent and so request their disposal.

The Seller and the Consumer have agreed that all the facts and information they have received in connection with this agreement as well as any other legal relationships related to this agreement are subject to business secrecy.


Information on the protection of personal data and consent to the processing of personal data for the company's marketing purposes.


Dear Clients,

we want to provide you with detailed information on processing of your personal data for marketing purposes in this memo. Firstly, we would like to explain to you, why we ask for your consent for processing of personal data for marketing purposes.


The main purpose of this processing is to provide you with the latest information on the current and new products and services as well as our business partners. Another goal, is to provide time-limited offers and practical information, in written or electronic form. We strive to create custom-made offers based on segmentation and profiling and to present you with offers of only relevant goods and services, so you are not flooded with offers of goods that you already have or those that do not meet your needs.

Please read the personal data processing information stated below, which we have prepared in the form of questions to ensure that this information memorandum is as transparent and practical as possible for search of information. If you have any questions or comments about providing your consent, please call us at: 02/22133399 or send an email to:


1. Who is the administrator of your personal data?

2. Which of your personal data are processed?

3. Which sources do personal data come from?

4. For what purposes did you give your consent?

5. Why do we perform profiling and automated decision taking?

6. For how long will we process your personal data?

7. Who are our business partners?

8. Who can access your personal data?

9. What are your rights while we are processing your personal data?

10.How do you revoke consent to processing of your personal data?

Who is the administrator of your personal data?

The Administrator of personal data is the company that determines the purpose and means of processing of your personal information. For marketing purposes, the administrator of your personal information is the company: iFix s.r.o. Einsteinova 7, 85101 Bratislava-Petržalka

For marketing purposes, we process the following categories of personal data, which help us decide upon our offer, based on products and services, that you would like and that would help you tackle your needs.


General identification data – name, residence, date of birth, home address.

Contact details – phone number, e-mail address

Socio-demographic data – statistical data on age, gender, education, occupation, number of children.

Information on use of products and services – what services task you have had with us in the past, information about using the Internet Customer Zone. Based on these data, we can recommend you the right products and services.

Information from phone calls or other forms of interactions we had with you, for example, by email, chat, SMS.

Geolocation data - geolocation data from web browser. These data can usually be used to recommend contact to the nearest broker or branch.

Which sources do personal data come from?

The personal data listed in the previous paragraph are obtained directly from you. You include these personal details in the purchase contract, or you have previously listed them on other documents.

Personal data may also come from publicly available sources, registers and records, for example from the business register. Your personal information may also come from third parties who are authorized to manipulate with them.



You have granted your consent for marketing purposes, which include the following activities:

  • offering products and services. We may provide you with offers based on your consent in electronic form, in particular in the form of email messages or messages sent to mobile devices via a telephone number, through a web-based client zone, in writing or by telephone,
  • automated processing of personal data with the aim od adapting the business offer to your individual needs,
  • market surveys and customer satisfaction surveys with used products and services.


The consent given for marketing purposes is voluntary/optional. However, it is essential for us to be able to send you individual offers of products and services and our business partners. Without this consent, we can not provide you with individual offers of products and services.


Why do you perform profiling and automated decision taking?

Our company strives to provide individually tailored offers of products and services. For this reason, your personal data is profiled based on your consent. For this purpose, we use automatic information systems, web applications or calculators. According to this, we send you personalized news and offers of products and services of our company.

Automatic evaluation (profiling) of personal data will help us to better understand your needs, estimate future actions, and adapt our products and services accordingly.

For how long will we process your personal data?

You have given the consent to the company for the duration of the contractual relationship and for the next 10 years from the termination of such a contractual relationship or until the moment you revoke your consent.

If you are not, nor will you become a client of a company, your consent will be valid for 10 years from granting consent or until the moment you revoke it.

Upon expiry of the set time period, your personal data will be erased, but only to the extent and for purposes for which no consent is required under the law.



For data processing for marketing purposes other entities that process personal data, or so called intermediaries whose role is to provide services to the company may have access to your personal data. For example, they may be external companies that manage our systems or other services to ensure the proper functioning of the company and the processing of personal data for marketing purposes. With these intermediaries we have a personal data processing agreement, which also obliges us to adhere to strict privacy policies.




Proper processing of your personal data is important for companies in the Slovak Republic and their protection is a matter of course. When processing personal data, you can claim the following rights:

Information on processing of your personal data

The information shall include, in particular, the identification and contact details of the manager, his representative and, where appropriate, the details of the person responsible, the purposes of the processing, the category of personal data concerned, the recipient

or categories of recipients of personal data, information on the transfer of personal data to third countries, the period of storing of personal data, authorized administrators, a list of your rights, the possibility to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection, the source of the processed personal data, information on whether and how is automated decision making and profiling performed.


Right to access personal data

You have the right to chose, whether you data will or will not be processed and if so, you have the right to access information about personal data processing, categories of affected personal data, recipients or categories of recipients, period of storage of personal data, as well as the right to be informed of your rights, of the right to submit a complaint to the Office for Personal Data Protection, information on the sources of personal data, information on whether automated decision making and profiling is performed, information and guarantees in case of personal data transfers to thirds countries of international organizations. You have the right to be issues a copy of processed personal data.


Right for correction of personal data


Are your personal data that we are processing outdated or incorrect? Did you change, for example, your home address? Please, inform us and we will correct your personal data.


Right for erasure (right to be forgotten)


In some legally set cases, we are obliged to erase your personal data upon your request. However, every such request is subjected to individual assessment, as even iFix s.r.o company has an obligation or rightful interest to keep personal data.


Right to limit processing


If you wish, that your personal information would be processed solely for necessary legal purposes or you wish to block your personal data.


Right to transmit data


If you wish, that we provide your personal data to another company, we will transmit your personal data in a corresponding format to the subject specified by you, if no legal or other significant obstacles will obstruct this.


Right to raise objections and automatized individual decision making


If you find out or assume, that personal data are processed in contradiction to protection of your privacy and personal life or in contradiction with legal norms, please contact us to request an explanation or to remove an inappropriate status. You may likewise raise a complaint directly against automatized decision making and profiling.


Right to file a complaint to the Office for Personal Data Protection


Upon your suggestion or complaint regarding processing of personal information you may turn on to the supervisory body at any time, which is the Office for Personal data protection of Slovak republic with the residence at the address Hranicna 12, 820 07 Bratislava 27.


Where can you put your rights into effects and is it charged?

Individual rights can be put into effect at the company, by phone on: 02/22133399 or by sending an e-mail to: or by written request send to the residency of the company or to the post address: iFix s.r.o., Einsteinova 7, 851 01 Bratislava

All information and statements to rights, which you put into effect, are offered free of charge.


When can I expect a reply from your company?


Statements and information regarding the measures taken, will be provided to you as soon as possible, latest within one month. In case of need and with regards to the complexity and number of requests we may extend this period to two months. We will inform you about such extension, and reasons for it.


How can you revoke consent to processing of personal data?


Consent to processing of personal data is based on the principle of voluntary provision of such consent. This means, that you may revoke it at any time. Do you no longer wish to receive offers for products and services and our business partners? We deeply regret that, but we respect your decision.


What should such a revocation of consent include?


Who submits the revocation. Please, state your forename and surname, home address and date of birth, so we can identify you.

Who you are submitting the revocation to. The revocation can be addressed to all of our branches, or, if you wish to continue receiving offers from selected branches, please state only those, to which you want to, or do not want to allow, to further contact you.

Information, that you do not wish us to further process your personal data. If you wish to receive only selected offers, please, state the nature of the offers you would like to keep receiving, so we can accommodate your wishes.

You own signature


In what way can I deliver my revocation?


The revocation of the consent with processing personal data for marketing purposes can be send in written form, for the reason that we can keep a record of your revocation. Please, do not forget to sign your revocation.

Written appeal sent to the residence or postal address of the company.

Written appeal sent from any of our branches. The current list of branches can be found here: Contact


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