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iPad Pro 12,9”LCD assembly replacement

Published on 11.04.2019

Technical difficulty

Moderately difficult

Duration of the procedure

1-2 hours

Number of steps in the tutorial


Required spare parts:

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (1st Gen 2015) - LCD Display + Touch Screen + IC Board (Black)
179.98 € with VAT 149.98 € without VAT
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (1st Gen 2015) - Touch Screen Adhesive
4.56 € with VAT 3.80 € without VAT

Exchange Tools:

Add all
Suction Cup for LCD Disassembly
Suction Cup for LCD Disassembly

0.98 € with VAT

0.82 € without VAT

Spudger - Universal Plastic Opening Tool (Black)
Spudger - Universal Plastic Opening Tool (Black)

1.98 € with VAT

1.65 € without VAT

Kaisi - Blue Guitar Pick Disassembly Tool
Kaisi - Blue Guitar Pick Disassembly Tool

0.98 € with VAT

0.82 € without VAT

Plastic Antistatic Tweezer with Thin Curved Tip
Plastic Antistatic Tweezer with Thin Curved Tip

1.98 € with VAT

1.65 € without VAT

This manual shows you how to remove the damaged iPad Pro 12,9” display and replace it with a completely new LCD assembly. Please note 2 things before you begin:

  • the home button is paired with the logic board of the iPad. During replacement of the display you therefore must transfer the home button onto the new LCD assembly, so the iPad does not lose the Touch ID function

  • Before you begin the repair process, check whether the new replacement part already contains the IC daughterboard. If it is already included, proceed according to this manual. If it its not a part of the replacement part, you will have to disassemble the daughterboard from the old part and transfer it onto the new one, which requires special micro tools. If you attempt to perform this replacement at home, we advice you to procure a new replacement part with this board.

Step 1Fixate the cracked screen with an adhesive tape

  • If your iPad screen is cracked, cover it strip by strip with an ordinary transparent adhesive tape (as displayed in the picture), before you begin the replacement process. As the screen is cracked, it will most probably continue cracking while being handled. You may need to use metal tools, to make it easier to remove the shattered pieces of glass from the iPad. The adhesive tape will secure the shattered pieces of screen together. It’s a handy trick, thanks to which you will manage the whole replacement skilfully, but also avoid small wounds. 

 Be careful, not to damage the LCD screen during replacement and protect you eyes with protection glasses.

Step 2Suction cup

 To detach the LCD assembly from the rest of the iPad body you will need a halberd spudger.

  • Photos in this step show, where the adhesive is located 

 Refer to these photos from time to time during replacement, as they show where are the tick parts of the adhesive located and how deep you can cut in with the spudger. 

  • Heat up the left edge of the iPad, using a hairdryer at the lowest level. 
  • Apply a suction cup into the middle of the left edge. Hold the iPad at it upper left edge and repeatedly press down and wiggle the suction cup to separate the parts. This will create a gap between the front panel and the body of the iPad. Insert the thinnest part of the halberd spudger or the tip of an opening pick up to the depth of maximum 2 mm. 

 Do not exceed the depth of 2 mm underneath the front panel as this could permanently damage the display!

Step 3Opening the device 1

  • Using a hairdryer, heat up the whole bottom left edge of the iPad – from the inserted opening pick all the way to the home button. Insert the halberd spudger next to the inserted pick. Move the spudger under the edge all the way to the bottom left edge and back to the pick to cut through the adhesive. 
  • Insert the opening pick into the bottom left edge, to make sure that the parts do not adhere again and remove the spudger
  • Now, heat up the bottom left edge of the iPad, from the opening pick in the middle all the way to the front-facing camera
  • As before, insert the thin part of the halberd spudger next to the pick and move it towards the camera. Do not insert it deeper than 2 mm under the edge, and if necessary reheat the edge of the iPad

Step 4Opening device 2

  • Insert another pick, into the upper left corner with the help of a spudger, and remove the spudger afterwards. Heat up the edge of the tablet, using a hairdryer – this time the upper edge above the front-facing camera
  • Insert the halberd spudger next to the pick in the upper left corner
  • Move the tip of a spudger along the upper edge and stop near the front-facing camera. Insert another pick, into the place above the front-facing camera.
  • Insert a spudger, right behind the place where the front-facing camera opposite the pick is located (see photo)
  • Continue separating the parts with the spudger, all the way to the upper right edge of the iPad

Step 5Opening the device 3

  • Move the spudger all the way onto the upper side and insert a pick into the corner, to make sure that the separated parts to not adhere back together
  • Insert the spudger again, right next to the opening pick and move it all the way into the middle of the display on the right side
  • Insert an opening pick into the middle of the right side. In case you don’t have any more opening picks, you may use the one which is above the front-facing camera
  • Use the blade of the spudger to hold the separated parts in the bottom right corner
  • Insert a pick into the edge and remove the spudger 

Step 6Opening device 4

  • Repeat the same process: insert a spudger next to the pick in the bottom right edge 
  • Move the spudger along the bottom edge of the iPad and stop approximately 1 cm before the home button 
  • If you have any picks available, insert one under the home button. If you don’t have any picks left, you may remove the pick from the middle left edge of the iPad and place it under the home button 
  • Before this step, go back to the beginning of the manual to look at the photos displaying the layout of the adhesive (step 2)
  • Turn the spudger to its shortest part 
  • Use this short part to carefully move it underneath the sensitive part of the home button
  • Behind the home button insert the spudger as deep as possible 
  • Move the spudger along the remaining part all the way to the pick in the bottom left corner

Step 7Opening device 5

  • Again, go back to step2 and check, if the strongest holding parts of the display separated. If they still hold together, cut through the adhesive again
  • Display cables are shorter than expected in this iPad. Before you continue, pay attention to these notes:

 Do not flip the display over the bottom edge of the iPad. Lift it only through the upper edge above the front camera
 Lift the display into a maximum of 80° angle. The display cable is short and and therefore may rip if lifted further. 

  • After you are familiar with the pitfalls of lifting the display, lift it above the upper camera to gain access to the components inside the iPad

Step 8Disconnecting the battery 1

 At this moment it is crucial to disconnect the battery before you continue. Disconnecting or connecting the display cables without a disconnected battery may cause cut off and damage the touchscreen 

Procedure of disconnecting the battery:

  • Firstly, securely support the display, so that it does not fall down or rip the cable 
  • Remove the nine screws on the EMI cover
    • 8 Phillips 1,2mm screws
    • 1 Phillips 2,4 mm screw
  • Lift the EMI cover in the nearest place to the upper edge of the iPad 
  • Detach the EMI cover from the logic board 

 To unstick the EMI cover you may need to use more power due to the number of clips and the cover may slightly deform. This is okay, simply try to deform it as little as possible and it will easily fit back in 

Step 9Disconnecting the battery 2

  • Insert the battery blocker underneath the logic board, which will separate it from the connector 

 The size of the tool which you use to block will probably not fit. Insert its pick under a slight angle underneath the logic board near the connector, first from one side and gradually underneath the whole area of the connector

  • Leave the blocked under the battery connector during the whole repair

Step 10Disconnecting the battery 3

  • Remove the screw located on the battery cable bracket 
    • Phillips 2,4 mm
    • Phillips 1,2 mm 
  • Remove the battery cable bracket 

Step 11Remove the display assembly

  • Remove the old display assembly part 
  • Before reinstalling, carefully remove all the remaining adhesive left in the iPad and apply new.

 After replacing the part, reassemble the iPad using this manual in reversed order.

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