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Required spare parts:

Apple iPhone 6 - Battery 1810 mAh
Manufacturer: Apple Code: 82411
Apple iPhone 6 - Battery 1810 mAh
8.48 € with VAT 7.07 € without VAT
Apple iPhone 6, 6S, 7 - Battery Adhesive
Manufacturer: Apple Code: 82428
Apple iPhone 6, 6S, 7 - Battery Adhesive
1.89 € with VAT 1.58 € without VAT

Exchange Tools:

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Suction cup for phone
Suction cup for phone

2.90 € with VAT

2.42 € without VAT

Universal Plastic Opening Tool
Universal Plastic Opening Tool

1.99 € with VAT

1.66 € without VAT

Kaisi Blue Guitar Pick Disassembly Tool
Kaisi Blue Guitar Pick Disassembly Tool

1.45 € with VAT

1.21 € without VAT

Plastic antistatic tweezers with curved thin tip
Plastic antistatic tweezers with curved thin tip

2.25 € with VAT

1.88 € without VAT

Advantageous accessories:

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SBS - Apple MFI Data Cable, 1m, White
SBS - Apple MFI Data Cable, 1m, White

19.99 € with VAT

16.66 € without VAT

This manual will help you give your iPhone 6 a second chance at life thanks to a new battery. 

This manual instructs you to remove the front panel assembly with the display – this step is important to protect the display cables. If you feel like you are capable of holding the display in place during the battery replacement you may skip this step and move directly to the section on battery replacement. 

Calibrate you new battery after installing it: Discharge it under 10% and then fully charge it to 100% without disruption. 

Replacement parts for iPhone 6 can be found in our offer on our e-shop in the replacement parts section. If you are interested in a service task for iPhone 6, visit one of our branches and we will arrange a one-day repair.

Step 1Remove Pentalobe screws

 Before disassembling the iPhone, discharge the battery under 25%. Charged lithium-ion battery can catch fire or explode, if accidentally damaged. 

  • Turn off your iPhone.
  • Remove the two 3,6 mm Pentalobe screws next to the Lightning connector.

Step 2Opening the device

  • Insert the pick into the gap
  • Creating this gap requires a considerable amount of strength. If necessary, loosen the display with a upwards-downwards movement, to create enough room for the spudger. 
  • Move the pick gently to the left on the bottom edge of the iPhone. 
  • Gently pry up the pick, to gradually enlarge the gap. 

Step 3Removing the accumulator console screws

  • Remove the following screws from the end of the battery connector:
    • One 2,2 mm screws
    • One 3,2 mm screw

Step 4Disconnecting the metal battery connector bracket

  • Disconnect the metal battery connector bracket from the iPhone device.

Step 5Disconnecting battery connector

  • Using a plastic spudger, gently disconnect the battery connector from its socket on the motherboard. 
  • Be careful, to disconnect only the battery connector and not to rip out the whole connector in the motherboard. If you launch the motherboard socket, you could completely rip the connector. 

Step 6Removing the vibrating motor

Remove the two screws, which secure the vibrating motor, and remove it.

Step 7Removing the battery

  • Pull out the two adhesive strips from under the battery manually, and remove the battery.

 Apply new double-sided adhesive strips on the new battery and install it into the phone by reversed process. 

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