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Apple iPhone X - Battery 2716mAh FixPremium
Apple iPhone X - Battery 2716mAh FixPremium
Apple iPhone X - Battery 2716mAh FixPremium
Apple iPhone X - Battery 2716mAh FixPremium
Apple iPhone X - Battery 2716mAh FixPremium

Apple iPhone X - Battery 2716mAh FixPremium

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The replacement battery for Apple iPhone X, which you can use if the battery on your device needs to be replaced, whether it has stopped charging to 100%, is damaged, or has become obsolete over time. FixPremium spare part.



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Battery for Apple iPhone

Our batteries labeled as FixPremium are manufactured by a third party, not directly by the device's manufacturer. We were actively involved in the production of FixPremium batteries. Our team has worked diligently to offer customers high quality at a reasonable price.

Unlike fully authorized batteries, the FixPremium battery does not display battery health information on Apple devices. This may affect the ability to monitor the status and capacity of the battery over time.

After replacing the battery, the message "Important Message" will appear on the screen.

  • The message only informs that the original battery has been replaced.
  • The message has no effect on the performance of the device.
  • For 4 days it is displayed on the lock screen, then in the settings.

This is due to the fact that the replacement was not approved by Apple's official software, and the part was not paired with the motherboard.

When to replace the battery?

  • the battery is swollen
  • the device drains quickly
  • the device overheats
  • the device cannot be charged to 100%
  • the device inaccurately indicates the battery status

Tips before replacement:

  • Part replacement should be carried out by a qualified person.
  • Special tools are required for replacement.
  • Test the functionality of the part before replacement.
  • When replacing, pay attention to the fragile parts of the connectors.
  • Try to replace the part in a dry and dust-free environment without direct sunlight.

We are not responsible for any damage caused during the exchange.
If you have any questions, please contact us via chat.

If you are inexperienced in replacing a display assembly, we recommend that you have your device serviced at a service center.


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