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Relife RL-530 - Universal Contact Cleaner - 550ml
Relife RL-530 - Universal Contact Cleaner - 550ml

Relife RL-530 - Universal Contact Cleaner - 550ml

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Relife RL-530 - Universal Contact Cleaner - 550ml

The Relife RL-530 Universal Contact Cleaner is a premium-grade cleaning solution specifically formulated for maintaining and restoring electrical conductivity to various contacts. Packaged in a generous 550ml can, this cleaner is adept at dissolving and removing contaminants that can cause electrical faults or poor performance. It’s an essential tool for professionals in electronics repair, maintenance, and assembly.


  • Powerful Cleaning: Effectively removes oil, dirt, flux residue, and condensation from sensitive electronics and electrical equipment.
  • Fast Evaporation: Dries quickly without leaving any residue, ensuring optimal performance of components.
  • Safe Usage: Designed to be safe on most plastics, rubber, and metal surfaces, preventing any damage to components.
  • Environmental Friendly: Composed of environmentally friendly raw materials, it is non-toxic and has no irritating smell.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for use on printed circuit boards, precision instruments, electrical panels, and connectors.

Technical Parameters

  • Volume: 550ml
  • Container Type: Aerosol can for easy application.
  • Application: Spray directly onto the surface or use with a cloth.
  • Suitability: Perfect for cleaning electronic components, contacts, plastic, and metal surfaces.


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    Cell Phone Spare Parts
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