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ESD Thin Rubber Gloves - Size M
ESD Thin Rubber Gloves - Size M

ESD Thin Rubber Gloves - Size M

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Quality ESD gloves thin, with rubberized fingers, to simplify the handling of sensitive components and products. Size: M.


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ESD gloves thin with rubberized fingers - size M

  • High-quality ESD thin gloves with rubberized fingers will simplify the handling of sensitive and components and products, electronic devices, electronic boards and components.
  • They are also used for assembly inspection and repair work in electronics, telecommunications, precision instruments and optics, ammunition, aviation, photography laboratories, film handling, electrostatic painting and in the petrochemical industry
  • Excellent protection against static shock and particle contamination, reusable (machine washable) Silicone and latex free
  • Size: M

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  • Tool type
    Cell Phone Spare Parts
  • Category
    ESD Antistatic Tools
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