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iPad Pro 9.7 LCD display assembly replacement.

Published on 12.04.2019

Technical difficulty

Moderately difficult

Duration of the procedure

1 - 2 hours

Number of steps in the tutorial


Required spare parts:

Apple iPad Pro 9.7 (2016) - LCD Display + Touch Screen (Black)
135.66 € with VAT 113.05 € without VAT

Exchange Tools:

Add all
Suction Cup for LCD Disassembly
Suction Cup for LCD Disassembly

0.98 € with VAT

0.82 € without VAT

Spudger - Universal Plastic Opening Tool (Black)
Spudger - Universal Plastic Opening Tool (Black)

1.98 € with VAT

1.65 € without VAT

Kaisi - Blue Guitar Pick Disassembly Tool
Kaisi - Blue Guitar Pick Disassembly Tool

0.98 € with VAT

0.82 € without VAT

Plastic Antistatic Tweezer with Thin Curved Tip
Plastic Antistatic Tweezer with Thin Curved Tip

1.98 € with VAT

1.65 € without VAT

Is your iPad Pro screen cracket? Follow this manual step by step to remove the old and damaged display and replace it with a completely new LCD assembly.

Do not forget one important thing – the home button is paired with the logic board of the iPad. When replacing the display, you therefore must transfer the home button on to the new LCD assembly, so that the iPad does not loose the Touch ID function (this step also included in the manual).

Make sure that you have all the necessary tools and replacement parts.

Step 1Fixate the cracked screen with an adhesive tape

  • If your iPad screen is cracked, cover it strip by strip with an ordinary transparent adhesive tape (as displayed in the picture), before you begin the replacement process. As the screen is cracked, it will most probably continue cracking while being handled. You may need to use metal tools, to make it easier to remove the shattered pieces of glass from the iPad. The adhesive tape will secure the shattered pieces of screen together. It’s a handy trick, thanks to which you will manage the whole replacement skilfully, but also avoid small wounds. 

 Be careful, not to damage the LCD screen during replacement and protect you eyes with protection glasses.

Step 2Critical areas

 Despite the fact that the design of the iPad is relatively similar on each and every side, several sensitive areas are placed under the protective glass. Use the tools only in the order and place specified by this manual to prevent accidental destruction. The figure shows 3 critical locations in which these sensitive areas are located. These are specifically:

  • Home Button 
  • Front-facing camera
  • Main front-facing camera

Step 3Suction cup

  • Heat up the upper edge of the iPad with a hairdryer, heat gun or heating pad, to soften the adhesive which connects the individual parts 
  • Position a suction cup on the front-facing camera and press down to create a seal. If you wish to create a stronger seal, place the suction cup as close to the edge as possible (but do not go past the edge)
  • Firmly pull the suction cup, to create a gap between the front panel and rare cover (do not pull using excessive power, as you might shatter the cracked glass).
  • As soon as a sufficient gap is created, insert an opening pick in, to prevent the parts from resealing. 

Step 4Opening the device 1

  • Move the opening pick along under the edge of the glass display towards the headphone jack. If you find this hard, try heating up the adhesive again. 

 Be careful, not to hit the area which connects the front panel and LCD screen with the tip of the opening pick, as this could permanently damage the display. 

 Follow the universal rule – never insert the opening pick more than 0,5 cm into the iPad

  • Insert a second opening pick under the front-facing camera
  • Move it underneath the upper edge of the iPad towards the Sleep/Wake button

Step 5Opening device 2

  • Insert a third opening pick under the front-facing camera

Step 6Opening the device 3

  • Move the opening pick into the upper right corner of the iPad as displayed in the photo
  • Repeat the same with the opening pick in the upper left corner

Step 7Opening device 4

  • Reheat both of the side edges of the iPad using a hairdryer (or heat gun or a heating pad) to soften the adhesive underneath and separate the parts
  • Move the opening pick from the upper right corner into the middle of the display 
  • Repeat the same on the opposite side – slowly move the opening pick from the upper left corner approximately into the middle of the display 

Step 8Opening device 5

  • Reheat the bottom edge of the iPad before this step 
  • After heating up this part, move the opening pic further – around the corner of the iPad
  • Repeat the same on the opposite side of the iPad
  • Remove the right pick 
  • Move the left pick along the whole bottom edge of the display and remove it 

 Be careful not to insert the opening pick in this step more than 0,5 cm into the display, as this could damage the Home Button and cables underneath the display

  • From the left side, on the upper and bottom edge of the display, use opening picks to make sure that most of the adhesive is softened
  • Try prying the display, using the opening picks on the upper and bottom side of the iPad

 Do not attempt to completely separate the display as it is still attached to the iPad

  • Carefully flip the display to the right side of the iPad. Treat it as a notebook and be careful, not to damage the display ribbon cable

Step 9Disconnecting the battery

  • Unscrew the 11 Phillips #000 1,3 mm screws, which secure the EMI bracket
  • Heat up the EMI shield
  • Carefully detach the EMI shield from the logic board from the upper side of the iPad

 To detach the EMI shield you might need to use greater force, as there are several clips securing the shield, therefore it also might slightly deform. Do not worry, just try to deform the shield as little as possible and it will lay flat when reinstalled

 If the EMI shield has several sharp protrusions after being removed, flatten them using pliers before reinstalling it. 

Step 10Disconnecting the battery connector

  • Remove the Phillips 1,8 screw which secure the battery connector 
  • Insert a battery blocker under the logic board, which separates it from the connector 

 the size of the tool used for blocking might not fit. Insert the tip under a slight angle underneath the logic board near the connector, at first only from one side and gradually under the whole area of the connector 

  • leave the blocker underneath the connector during the whole repair process

Step 11Disconnecting the display assembly

  • remove the three Phillips #000 1,3 mm screws which secure the display cable bracket
  • remove the bracket using tweezers
  • use the flat side of the spudger to disconnect the display connector from the motherboard
  • repeat the same for all three connectors
  • remove the old display assembly

Step 12Home button

  • remove the tape from the ZIF connector above the home button
  • use the flat side of a spudger to lift the flap on the connector leading to the cable
  • use tweezers to remove the cable from the ZIF connector 
  • use the blade on a halberd spudger or an opening pick to remove the cable starting from the ZIF connector towards the home button

Step 13Removing excessive adhesive

 After the repair, apply adhesive underneath the iPad cover to secure it in place

  • insert a spudger underneath the home button cover and carefully remove the cover
  • remove as much of the original adhesive as possible and clean it using acetone or highly concentrated isopropyl-alcohol (minimum 90%)
  • Secure the cover using a hot-melt glue or a string double-sided tape. Make sure that the cover is correctly aligned, until the adhesive cures, as otherwise the home button might not click when pressed.

Step 14Removing the home button

  • Use you fingers to carefully flip the home button from the front panel inwards
  • Remove the home button
  • Compare the replaced part with the new replacement part. Some parts might need to be transferred on to the new part or removed from the new part assembly 
  • Replace the part for a part and reassemble the iPad step by step in reversed order. 
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